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What a difference a few inches makes

Reviving a friends blog for his musings while overseas has jogged my memory that I too have a blog, sorely neglected. Some of you will no doubt be pleased to know that I have still been writing. In fact more than before. See this from an entry on “day One” written when I bought an iPad mini. It is the case of “what a difference a few inches makes” “This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I might be getting closer to that dream “writer” image of myself that I’ve coveted for years. Images of me sitting perfectly poised and serene with a laptop in a quiet dimly […]

Tuesday tiny: Updated pen

Doc and I talked about writing: Me: “After all, the Pen is still mightier than the keyboard”? Doc: “Don’t you mean the touchpad” Me: “Hang on I still type, mostly” Possibly Related Posts: stewed ant The email I wrote for international day last year Just writing Perhaps *part* of the reason for the neglect of the blog The solution to writers block; talking.

Mutterings 29 June

Collectors :: Hunters (and) Passion :: Crime Winner :: Loser Uninhibited ::Open Challenge :: Julia (Australia’s new PM) Self :: Other Your :: Say Viewer :: Window Random :: Chaos Vice :: Regal These came from Unconscious Mutterings as usual. Possibly Related Posts: stewed ant The email I wrote for international day last year Just writing Perhaps *part* of the reason for the neglect of the blog The solution to writers block; talking.

tuesday tiny : poof. Gone

I now understand better why “they” advise writers to carry a notebook and stop and take notes as soon as inspiration strikes. Yesterday, while trying to kill time I had a sparkle of inspiration. I was en route to nowhere special, and was committed to remembering the sparklefor when I sat down, which I didn’t do till some three hours later. To my credit, I did at least have notebook and pen with me this time. When I parked ….. pooff. Gone. Possibly Related Posts: stewed ant Just quietly on economy of various sorts Quote from Facebook Tuesday/Wednesday tiny; Maybe not such a dork these days

A box in the mail

Yesterday was fun. I had a visit from a university friend and her daughters (3 and 9 months). They are gorgeous. It’s strange and pleasing to be able to talk of knowing folks for over 10 (or 20) years. I feel all old but in a good way. AS and her hubby fall into the over 10 year category. So I was due to meet them at a local shopping centre for coffee before going on to other things. Unfortunately my health and my wheelchair were once more acting up so despite the mess I decided to invite them over. With baby sleeping time, my guests arrived at about 11 […]

Sleeping centre

Interesting watching the slow waking up on my local “big shops” open. It’s very deliberate and good for one’s sense of observation. People almost whisper out of reverence for the sleeping giant. Noise makers cast furtive and apologetic glances around, almost willing their necessary noises to be quiet. Seeking to not disturb the meditative rhythm. Stillness and warmth following the minor banging and crashing of morning evolutions. This “breathing” gets more regular, with the quiet meditation fading out as the centre continues to awaken, seeming to open in the figurative as well as the literal sense. Soon this will be different. The centre in these early parts will soon be […]

Blogging with Discipline

I like this idea. I can relate to what Beth talks about. I have tended to be one of these writers; There are times when my mind is filled with more blog posts than there are days in the week, when everything in my life can be easily put into a witty and/or meaningful bit of writing. I remember just before I “seriously” started blogging a friend looked on the domain of my email address at the time (it was puzzling), expecting I think because it wasn’t a telco account that I might have a blog and telling me that it’d be a fascinating read if I did blog. I’m […]

interesting insight

After reading a couple of writing related books this week including Writing from Start to Finish by Aussie author Kate Granville which advocated structure, I found this an interesting contrast. This is from Khalid Hosseini who has written two books; The Kite Runner (which I haven’t read), and A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was one of the most important books I have ever read especially for fiction. Challenging and confrontational (which was what I was seeking) but also incredibly moving and gentle. I’m thinking the free form writing might be more my cup of Milo too. Possibly Related Posts: stewed ant Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? on economy […]

on reading on writing

If I’m honest. I’ve always fancied myself as a one time writer. I have visions of filling notebooks, of sitting in a corner somewhere expressing myself in hard-fought-for phrases that somehow become morphed into sage or entertaining prose that would somehow, one day either pay the bills, or earn respect. My “vision” is as varied as the days I have it. It comes and goes. Like most things. I certainly have the notebooks. not full by any means. I seem to like the idea of collecting the tangible instruments. I scribble in them, without much rhyme, rhythm or discipline  I lose interest. I get distracted by downloading instant gratification tv […]

In the Carnival again

Whilst assessing my statistics the other day, I noticed that after nominating myself one month to the Down Under Feminist Carnival I find I have once again been nominated for this.  I’m thrilled. Thanks Mynxii.  Possibly Related Posts: stewed ant Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12 A cautionary tale aka: of Picolo, cake and dodos