I write like …..

via Tony

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that was based on this. Should I be worried that I don’t know who he is?

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At least some mutterings

Mutterings again courtesy of Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Group :: dynamics
  2. Pollution :: Noise
  3. Getaway ::car
  4. Mail :: Apple
  5. Believe :: Doubt
  6. Chimney :: Sweep
  7. Curses :: Blessing
  8. Contrite ::Humble
  9. Eyelash :: Tint
  10. Jobs :: Employment

And this is PB’s of the same list for your interest (or not):

  1. Group ::Process
  2. Pollution ::control
  3. Getaway ::holiday
  4. Mail ::film (You’ve Got …)
  5. Believe :: Hope
  6. Chimney ::Sweep
  7. Curses ::Spells
  8. Contrite ::Wasteful
  9. Eyelash ::Mascara
  10. Jobs ::Careers.

Back to regularly scheduled and appearing posts this week. I’ve got a few drafted but had back end issues with MySql database. Might be sorted now I hope

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Just words — a writing exercise

Lying straight. Holding what is left of shallow breathing and waiting. There are key noises to be listening for. A rhythm to the chaos. Markers for the unmeasurable. And an end. A final bang. An end. A stillness after the storm.

It will all start again. Tomorrow probably or if the young girl behaves she hopes, perhaps the day after.

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