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Tuesday/Wednesday tiny; Maybe not such a dork these days

Tried to post this yesterday, but only just discovered it didn’t go

Maybe this insecurity is born out of being teased at school I’m not sure but I always get a jolt of pleasure when I notice strangers reading the same books as I’ve read, listening to music that I’m even unlikely to bring out at a dinner party or playing a game on iPad/iPhone that I’m embarrassed to admit that I love (to the extent that I usually reserve it for the bathroom).

While family and friends are generally a different matter; with strangers I’ve tended to hide my taste or lack of it in such things, considering myself somewhere between a renaissance woman, an old soul or just plain dorky.

So when in the last week or so I’ve noticed separate women, roughly matching my demographic reading a book I’m also reading, listening to music that I recognised as in my “might be dorky” collection and playing a game on an iPad ( and she looked like she was further ahead on it than me)I smiled broadly. Maybe I’m not so much of a dork these days

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tuesday tiny: not a dark mark

I’m back studying again for all sorts of reasons and yet none at all.

I’m doing it online, but through a proper university here. I’m excited.


Especially when I get a mark of 93% on my first online exam this year.

And I know what I’m going to do for the essays due in the next two weeks.

Feel good about it.



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Tuesday tiny: Orwell’s view of my writing

I listened to George Orwell’s: Politics and the English Language as read to me by my computer. He may not like this blog much! However, we do agree on this:

In our age there is no such thing as “keeping out of politics.” All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred,……..

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Tuesday Tiny: On hiding your age

Quote from New Matilda.com

Lying about your age by saying you’re younger than you are is completely muddleheaded. I could say I’m 35 (I’m actually 45) and people would think “Gee, he had a hard life”. Better for me to tell people I’m 60. Then they’d think I look fabulous for my age.

love it.

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Tuesday tiny : generalise at thy peril

As a Christian I can’t help but agree with this.

What frustrates me often about some elements of the non-Christian community is that they tend to make generalisations about how and  what Christians believe and the conservative fringe encourage this.

via Cam on twitter

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tuesday tiny : poof. Gone

I now understand better why “they” advise writers to carry a notebook and stop and take notes as soon as inspiration strikes.

Yesterday, while trying to kill time I had a sparkle of inspiration. I was en route to nowhere special, and was committed to remembering the sparklefor when I sat down, which I didn’t do till some three hours later. To my credit, I did at least have notebook and pen with me this time.

When I parked ….. pooff. Gone.

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Tuesday tiny: Emoticons on an iphone

Last night over dinner with friends (all four of us have iPhones) we noticed the emoticons (smiley faces and the like )that add a bit of colour to the green and silver dialogue boxes of text messaging. Very cute and otherwise frivolous. The one Mr Sa uses and recommended was Emoji. There are others but that seemed fun, and easy. For a start at least.

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