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A vision or not

I did some googling and searching on YouTube for videos from Australia by people with disabilities. I came up sadly very short. Nothing really from a sense of community of disability here in Australia. I don’t think we have made the leap between sector and community; between political and social.  Both are necessary, but I fear that we are too busy fighting with both the politicians and sadly ourselves to share just thoughts. So here are my “just thoughts”  on a recent trip to Melbourne, on seeing 18 people with apparent impairments, on inclusive process (ok I got a bit political) and on “drop jaw”. The lighting is bad and […]

6Ws 1/5

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I’m just back from a five day trip to Melbourne with PB. It was largely a good trip – more play than work. It was nice to spend time with PB and have time not to rush. We both love Melbourne, the culture, the conversational opportunities, the coffee and the shopping. The excuse was the birthday party of VW (read more about him here), a disco party complete with light ball and the hustle. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. A card carrying bone fide The email I wrote for international day last year it was a time

Deja vu

It’s late. It was a case of too much coffee for once having the effect on me that everyone complains of. I am as “they” say … wired. PB and I went down to Melbourne on Wednesday for a little R and R. It was a little surreal for me on a few fronts. Firstly It was the scene of some unfortunate events during a previous relationship. In fact the anticipation of ghosts around every corner was far worse than the actual experience this week on that front. I’ve been there once since that fateful trip (see below), so perhaps that mitigated those poor ghosts some. They were there to […]

Cork Notes — backdated

Well I’m sitting here in Cork airport that is – in my ways reminiscent of T3 at Heathrow. Noisy, loud crowded, and understaffed by staff; who, with the exception of the guy who spotted my usual “carry coffee” dilemma and carried it; look as if the would rather be at a funeral than here. Cork itself is certainly not my favourite place, although I will say that the people are practically friendly – despite their expressions collectively not enforcing this. However when I have come to one of the many corners with no kerb ramp (or a poor excuse for one); if I made an attempt to get up/down invariably […]