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Good ol’ Brits

BBC News – One in ten ‘cannot use London Tube or buses’. The study claimed: Only 10 of London’s 270 Tube stations are completely step-free all the way from street level to train. Just one third of London’s 300 rail stations have step-free access from street to platform. While all London’s buses now have ramps, only half of London’s 17,476 bus stops meet the criteria for full accessibility. Despite this I still found it easier to use transport in London when I was there 7 years ago, then I did until very recently here. Why with all the claims to history and tradition in the UK was I able to […]

A vision or not

I did some googling and searching on YouTube for videos from Australia by people with disabilities. I came up sadly very short. Nothing really from a sense of community of disability here in Australia. I don’t think we have made the leap between sector and community; between political and social.  Both are necessary, but I fear that we are too busy fighting with both the politicians and sadly ourselves to share just thoughts. So here are my “just thoughts”  on a recent trip to Melbourne, on seeing 18 people with apparent impairments, on inclusive process (ok I got a bit political) and on “drop jaw”. The lighting is bad and […]

An open letter — rant, long — updated

Updated today with the letter that I actually sent this am An open letter to the Minister for Transport the Honourable Mr David Campbell MP GPO Box 5341 SYDNEY NSW 2001 Dear Sir, I’m told I tell a great story whether fiction or fact. My education and experiences over many years has reinforced that telling stories is a good way to understand a new topic, or a differing point of view. So I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a story starring me and the accessible bus network. By way of background to this story; I use an electric wheelchair to get around and have done in one form […]

The wheels of the bus

The last few weeks have been quite remarkable. Remarkable in a good way I hasten to add. My experiences with mass transit have worked. Consistently. Seamlessly. They just have. The ramps of the rear loading buses have largely worked; and, on the few occasions when they haven’t worked first time the drivers have tried a few times until it did work. This has been a little embarrassing for me to hold people up, but most seem ok with it. Regardless it is nice that the effort is being made. There seems to be the recognition that all passengers are indeed passengers. Buses that I can use have turned up on […]