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the old fashioned way

Introductions — nicely done

From an unexpected source in some ways. Proper introductions aren’t exactly a simple matter: The younger person is always presented to the older or more distinguished, but a gentleman is always presented to a lady, even though he is an old gentleman of great distinction and the lady a mere slip of a girl […] No lady is ever, except to the President of the United States, a cardinal, or a reigning sovereign, presented to a man. Also: Do not say: “Mr. Jones, shake hands with Mr. Smith,” or “Mrs. Jones, I want to make you acquainted with Mrs. Smith.” Never say: “make you acquainted with” and do not, in […]

WWGD — Heated table meetings

For those of you outside Australia, the entire continent is having some very hard times weatherwise at the moment. In Sydney yesterday the heat was oppressive–today is slated to be worse to the point where I can’t sit at my window (where my desk is) for very long. In that context, this is what I wrote down yesterday at about 4 PM. I used to be really worried about the space I take up (in my wheelchair). I still am really. I was raised to be quite conscious of it when I parked etc. But I’m sitting at DejaBrew in the city waiting for a friend. There were no tables […]

My granny is calling …. aka WWGD

First let me say; my granny (my mother’s mother) has been dead for very nearly 10 years. So no I don’t mean she’s literally calling, or even from the grave or even in a meta-physical sense. I mean that I often wonder what she would make of the world around me. I find myself asking on the cusp of a new year; What would Granny do, (or perhaps more noteworthy not do), think, say (or again when would she hold her tongue), and even, wear. Those who know me offline (or, as we used to say online;  in real life) will know then I speak very highly of my grandmother […]

growing my leaves

It’s been a difficult week again. A few things that will I know only seem significant to me. At the beginning of the week I had lots of writing ideas. Now I don’t. But I cane say the Willows leaves are growing again. By Friday I had “crashed”out and was shattered so after coffee with a friend who had a dream about me, I went home determined to finish some work so long overdue. Only to discover that my other server was down and will be back today. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go out. So I googled. Within minutes I found myself watching of all things youtube videos […]

and then

PB and I were watching You’ve Got Mail tonight, the result of a time limited offer on PB’s behalf (and probably Valentine inspired as well). Two brief thoughts occur to me. Firstly I love courtship as one of the old-fashioned polite ways that these two modern charactors exist. I can really relate to that. In fact, I was told that I was very similar in logic to the heroine, which intended or not was a huge compliment. There is a politeness to their emails even in their simplicity, and even I feel to the way they fight, which, even at their worst seem to have an integrity and civility to […]

Austen thoughts

I’m sitting up in bed swimming pleasently in 19th century british literature. Jane Austen has long been a favourite of mine, both in the elegant video productions and in the books, at least those I have read, largely Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I have recently bought Persuasion following watching the recent movie “The Jane Austen Book Club” , but have not got further than five pages yet. I mixed my technology and my love of “the old fashioned way” by downloading Sense and Sensibility through iTunes and have now commenced listening to the same novel through Audible. Possibly Related Posts: Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? […]


I’ve been watching DVDs lately of Sex and the City in preparation for the movie that opens here on the 5th of June. It started out by being a pastime – a thing of lightness and fluff to compensate for a heaviness and intensity that is part of my life at the moment. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. A card carrying bone fide The email I wrote for international day last year it was a time

just as an aside

I seem to be keen on this writing thing today so I have had until recently it seems a rather swanky diary — a day timer which i was slowly starting to rely on as my solution to organisation and generally getting things sorted. Yet somehow rather stupidly I have misplaced it. Quite seriously perhaps as it has been gone for over 2 weeks that I know of. Bugger. I need to get some systems sorted. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres