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What a difference a few inches makes

Reviving a friends blog for his musings while overseas has jogged my memory that I too have a blog, sorely neglected. Some of you will no doubt be pleased to know that I have still been writing. In fact more than before. See this from an entry on “day One” written when I bought an iPad mini. It is the case of “what a difference a few inches makes” “This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I might be getting closer to that dream “writer” image of myself that I’ve coveted for years. Images of me sitting perfectly poised and serene with a laptop in a quiet dimly […]

Such a strange but beautiful thing

It was a strange juxtaposition. Reading Jane Austen on a shiny new iPad over the cold and miserable weekend that marked the last gasps of autumn (Fall for my American friends) here in Sydney. While one friend waits patiently for his delayed delivery from the Apple compound; directly from the horses mouse, another went to a local department store and shazzam. Very pretty but I don’t want one. Yet. Possibly Related Posts: Update Cross post: Where I am at ****warning: really ick**** Back For those that know me offline Just quietly

the long wait is over

My circumstantially imposed technology retreat is finally over. BoB — my new modem with VOIP arrived yesterday after being sent to the wrong box number and then being unable to be delivered to a box at all. I set him up last night as visitors were here when he arrived. It took a bit of fiddling as these thing often do as we already had a wireless modem in the Time Capsule for backing up which wants to be the only router, but that can’t then work with the VOIP phone line. Anyway, on and on it went, till the wee smalls and ultimately we have a network within a […]

tweet tweet

i used twitter yesterday much like I think it was intended, or at least a very handy way of using it to broadcast a problem PB was having with Vodafone (the Australian phone company) and his iPhone. It wasn’t solved through the tweeting but the up to the minute information was shared and further broadcasted. It is strange but I feel a strange coming of age feeling -using the web for up to the minute goodness in Australia. Possibly Related Posts: Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Background music Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. Not a bad welcome home

the curse of the early adopters

Ok, so there has been a rather prolonged semi-silence from this blog There are probably a few reasons for that. However the main one is technology. I’m very into technology as I’ve declared here before; Particularly Mac tech. So when Snow Leopard – the new operating system- came out I was bound to upgrade before too long. However I certainly wasn’t in the queue this time. In fact almost by instinct I was going to leave it a couple of weeks or even months. I must be getting old; I was quite happy with Leopard and although I’ve never had any major issues with the upgrading process it can be […]

Less mousing around

Interesting post giving an account of computing with limited use of the mouse from someone who has a recurring injury disability Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again

The hard rock bottom of my drive

I am writing this post on the iPhone app for WordPress. It is 1 am on Monday morning and I have had a bad tech week! I am sitting here watching a fairly clever graphical representation of my hard drive bring scanned and (hopefully repaired) by Disk Genius 2. A set of cats hair like they use to locate the target in a gun I gather are seeking out bad blocks. The graphic spins around on a focused area and zooms in every thousand blocks or so to reveal a computer like screen up close and personal with 1 s and 0s scurrying through and after 5 or so seconds […]

Iphone apologetics

I get teased (mercially) about my geekism. This is not fair as the intentions are generally noble ones of simplicity, ecology and organisation. However there is some truth to the ribbing as I was pondering today; Possibly Related Posts: Tiny and tech Tuesday: iOS 6 6WS: Google plus Accessibility Apps — iPad Confession — iTunes Tuesday tiny: Rev Computer

now tracking stats

So come one…. come all Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again