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social model of disability

steps to a community

Faith is belief in things we can not see. Indeed. It is also I think a belief in things we have seen, remotely in other places or historically in my own life but can’t find currently. This includes closer inspection of overseas models of disability. I wonder if people living with a disability here in Australia and perhaps elsewhere have had a mixed blessing in our “early adoption” of the social model of disability stuff. I wonder if, by watching our friends and colleagues in other countries and “getting” their learnings relatively easily, we have in fact had something of a double edged sword handed to us I am only […]

On his OWN: Zach Anner

This guy is really funny, and smart. I know. I watched one or two of the episodes of the Oprah Winfrey “reality show” he was on. He clearly has an interest in a broader range of issues than his own Cerebral Palsy. Although quite open it seems to owning up to it — like me it might be a bit hard to miss. I know it looks like I’m just jumping late as ever on to this bandwagon. But I was interested in this piece about him. He and I had families with similar approaches to schooling and such it seems. A native of Buffalo, Mr. Anner said his parents […]

More than tolerence

Stella’s editorial on Ramp Up is spot on. We tolerate being just tolerated. We talk about respect, we might ask for it. We don’t expect equality . Therefore logically we don’t get it as often as we tell ourselves privately we should. We tolerate really bad weather. We tolerate that annoying person who sits next to us in an exam clicking their pen incessantly. We tolerate a cold, a sore throat, that strange outbreak of warts on our left foot. When asking people to be tolerant of disability in our society, are we asking them to put up with us, to endure our existence? Our unwillingness to expect more than […]

the Social model of disability — a basic discription

I was going through my feed reader (as you do when sleep is hard)and came across  a Google beta service called Knol a searchable tool where you post essay bits on topics you have some knowledge in and can have folks collaborate  on it or not. I searched for the social model of disability and finding nothing in the least bit useful, whipped up the following. I have left a lot out, and a lot of undefined terms, but its a start, and because its my writing to date at least I thought I’d embed it here too. By the way, Liz Crow is here, though on a cursorary glance […]

oh what a beautiful Sunday — Inclusion 101

It was indeed a beautiful Sunday. After staying up late watching any movie made in a parent trap theme, Parent Trap I, Parent Trap II, and the 1980s remake of the Parent Trap (don’t you just love what you can get on YouTube?) I slept really late, which was lovely and incredibly needed. I finally feel like I’m getting over the exhausted feeling I’ve had for about a month. I woke up feeling a little medication hangover still lingering, but decided with a little help from my friends then it was too nice a day to stay home for long. I  responded to an invitation to go to a blogger […]

A rolling Moss

I’ve been listening to podcasts of Late Night Live. Philip Adams and I would probably not agree on much, but I do find him fascinating as a thinker and as an exposure to other good thinkers. The other day, I was listening to him talking to Bill Moss, who has a rare dystrophy, who runs his own financial consulting business in order to fund research into his condition. I found the interview fascinating, in that his approach as I think being similar to mine, just get on with it. We have a few interesting connections but I don’t know him at all. There was quite a bit in the interview […]

This is hardly surprising ….

First UK Survey in 13 Years Reveals Significant Barriers to Participation in Society for Disabled Persons. Based on the post from FWD, this report is hardly surprising, but S E Smith makes some interesting points firstly around the social model of disability. Many of the obstacles encountered by people with disabilities are created by society, yet disability is framed as a personal failing, and we are told that it’s our responsibility to get the inclusion and access we need, even when this is functionally impossible. and on a topic that goes hand in hand with getting around with a disability; The survey also found that stress is a significant contributor […]

A lesson from Survivor

I’ve been watching survivor episodes on YouTube while I haven’t been particularly well. I find the show and other reality television fascinating. Originally, I thought that was because I am a self-confessed “connoisseur of human folly”. I’m now not so sure that is the reason. I like watching the dynamics between individuals; but what I think I prefer is watching people work within the rules of the shows. It seems to me that the tension between the contestants is only really tension because of the boundaries that they need to work around set by the rules. For example, if the rules didn’t state that every three days the tribe that […]

Book review: The Girls by Lori Lansens

Historically I could divide this blog into two topics: the “disability” stuff and the “book” stuff. This book is a novel about disability, so I’m covered both ways. While it was at times a challenge to get through the book. pacing more than content, I find myself with the book now finished and paid forward I miss Ruby and Rose Darlen: known to all as The Girls. The Girls is a novel written as the autobiography of both halves of a set of conjoined craniopagus twins who turn 30 during the course of the book. As with real autobiographies, it is a review of their lives – mishap or miracle […]

Uprights behaving badly: Footpaths

I’m going to do a series of posts on things I wish those without apparent disability understood or did differently. It is from my perspective as a person who uses a wheelchair, but hope it can be useful more broadly. So to start with: Footpaths: their use and misuses My top 5 things six things I wish uprights got about using the footpath: Don’t just stand there – move something. Standing still at the top of kerb ramps instead of moving off it to allow people crossing to safely and legally get off the road. This is not the place to start a meaning of life conversation or adjust your […]