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I’m back

with no thanks to iinet I am back in the land of the blogging. Been an interesting few weeks and will right write more of it when my broadband box arrives. Thanks all for your patience Possibly Related Posts: Back For those that know me offline Just quietly Me again Best intention

Go Home On Time Day

Go Home On Time Day. — a good idea Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again

tweet tweet

i used twitter yesterday much like I think it was intended, or at least a very handy way of using it to broadcast a problem PB was having with Vodafone (the Australian phone company) and his iPhone. It wasn’t solved through the tweeting but the up to the minute information was shared and further broadcasted. It is strange but I feel a strange coming of age feeling -using the web for up to the minute goodness in Australia. Possibly Related Posts: Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Background music Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. Not a bad welcome home

what might my MacBook say …..

this brief piece is based on a writing exercise based on getting a “Dear John” letter from my favourite piece of furniture. On the website it came from various writers penned letters from sofas and armchairs, scales, toilets and even an electric wheelchair. Here’s my very drafty initial attempt Dear Joanna, Well I’ve had enough. So I’m going. I could play sad music now, but I really don’t need to. I’m almost certain you’ll just go out and replace me, or more likely just beg borrow and steal which just goes to show how little I mean to you. So because I’m angry, I’m going to try and convince TiM […]

On Writing

From the aptly titled Write when inspired If you want to be great, or at least to be better, start by breathing, taking breaks, and working intensely when the mood is on. Possibly Related Posts: A new commitment I make unto you stewed ant The email I wrote for international day last year Just writing Perhaps *part* of the reason for the neglect of the blog

how good is this

Just for something different. See here for explanation. It’s my desktop image now.  via Jason Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again

Getting things done …. dude

If you know me, especially off-line  probably know that I am a fan and practitioner of the Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen. Here is one guys’ approach to it on a Mac. I might one day do my own explanation of my system, but for the moment this is funny and wise! via Twitte The Way I Getting Things Done by Jon Larkowski from Hashrocket on Vimeo. Possibly Related Posts: Just quietly on economy of various sorts Quote from Facebook Tuesday/Wednesday tiny; Maybe not such a dork these days What will

The Michael Jackson thing

Despite the fact that I am of the right generation, Michael Jackson’s music never really grabbed me. I knew and liked one or two of the more popular songs, though, at the risk of sounding like an old woman as a teenager most of his music was too fast for me. Although, once reviewed, his music, generally had very nice and meaningful lyrics. As a result, most of my exposure to him throughout my life has been through the media and regarding his huge fan base, his somewhat strange behaviour when walking around, reports about Neverland, and of course the various controversies involving children including his own. I wouldn’t say […]

this is just clever

this is clever… close your eyes and listen! Rain Possibly Related Posts: I like the way this guy thinks Language matters: offspring Morning brew growing my leaves A vision or not