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sex and the City

the cost of fine eyes

Overhead on the bus part of a discussion by three youngish American visitors. “I did not expect to run out of mascara.” “It was too expensive. I’m not going to pay $20 for it. I can get it for $4 at home”. Wow no wonder Carrie Bradshaw on a writer’s salary could look so good Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again

I love this idea

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of the “urban family”; a collection of no less loyal, honest and lovingly individuals more present than the ideal family. Like a guilty pleasure (make mine a soft gooey cheese), I’ve been re-watching the sex and the city tv shows over the last little while. Whatever you might think of the show for any number of reasons, it has built six seasons, two movies and a noted brand. The glue that holds the movies together is the friendship over age, time and distance. Danimezza puts it well in this guest post. The friends who hold you tight when your failing, who make […]

Sex and the City– no flop but …

Ok, so on Friday night 2 girlfriends and I bit into the Big Media fuss that has been stirred around with Sex and the City 2. The reviews have been almost universally bad; including here in Australia. But for the sake of fun in my often overly serious life, and to celebrate friendship and life in general; we went. I used to watch the series and movie 1 when I needed lightness and to connect with myself and others in a less intense way. I was never easily shocked, but the knowing grin was often on my face. Likewise with this movie. ┬áIt was fun, and apparently we are helping […]

Sum of the Parts

I have a confession. Owing to a bad head cold and resulting loss of voice I’ve been house bound for four days. At great disappointment to myself, I haven’t engaged in anything more intellectually stimulating than watching arguably way too many episodes of Sex and the City. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again


I’ve been watching DVDs lately of Sex and the City in preparation for the movie that opens here on the 5th of June. It started out by being a pastime – a thing of lightness and fluff to compensate for a heaviness and intensity that is part of my life at the moment. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. A card carrying bone fide The email I wrote for international day last year it was a time