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self awareness

Bag Hag

I’m something of an organisation junkie, though the physical evidence particularly offline might not bear me out. I tend to be an organised thinker, planner and communicator more than live in a pristine environment and be able to find the right piece of paper at the right moment. I’ve read and implemented at various times both GTD and FranklinCovey. My newish most expensive shopping weakness after years of it being handbags is now stationary and Howard’s Storage World! However, as I said, in the bottom of my handbag you are just as likely to still find random receipts for things I don’t need to keep the receipts for, (while losing […]

identity matters

This is a good post about identification as a person with a disability, for a women with a mental health issue. It brings up some interesting thoughts for me about “what actually is disability?” That’s medical vs social model stuff, but its not just that. Its about the labels we as people with impairments use to define and describe ourselves. What boxes we put ourselves in and how easily or not we communicate with those in the other boxes of disability. I find myself now straddling two of those boxes more often these days. So now the whole question is “to tell or not to tell” is a live question […]

now published

It was a strange day earlier this week when one evening PB teased me with the dreaded “surprise”. Buried in the caboose was a copy of the October issue of Link magazine. Published five times a year Link is “Australia’s leading national cross-disability magazine.” Lo and behold an edited version of the organic fruit blog post was on a two page spread with a bright shiny red apple smiling back at me. Wow. It was a strange feeling seeing my name as a byline. A small part of a dream and an ability bourne out of my own self acceptance as an educator and as a former colleague once discribed […]

Sum of the Parts

I have a confession. Owing to a bad head cold and resulting loss of voice I’ve been house bound for four days. At great disappointment to myself, I haven’t engaged in anything more intellectually stimulating than watching arguably way too many episodes of Sex and the City. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Background music I could talk tuesday tiny: Tyres More writing ..again

Deja vu

It’s late. It was a case of too much coffee for once having the effect on me that everyone complains of. I am as “they” say … wired. PB and I went down to Melbourne on Wednesday for a little R and R. It was a little surreal for me on a few fronts. Firstly It was the scene of some unfortunate events during a previous relationship. In fact the anticipation of ghosts around every corner was far worse than the actual experience this week on that front. I’ve been there once since that fateful trip (see below), so perhaps that mitigated those poor ghosts some. They were there to […]


I’ve been watching DVDs lately of Sex and the City in preparation for the movie that opens here on the 5th of June. It started out by being a pastime – a thing of lightness and fluff to compensate for a heaviness and intensity that is part of my life at the moment. Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. A card carrying bone fide The email I wrote for international day last year it was a time