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Kitchen shame mini sized

I never really felt embarrassed that I couldn’t cook the masterpieces that the adult Masterchefs were cooking here in Australia, but watching the talent of the Junior Masterchefs I’m seriously ashamed. I know I liked to think I was a sophisticated little Miss but neither my palette, (tarragon chicken anyone?) nor my discipline was anything like these kids,. It’s amazing. I’m not seeing a lot of stage parenting either even with the parents sitting there. I like the fact that it’s not like career changing for these kids, not yet anyway. It’s a summer thing and it’s fast. Possibly Related Posts: my review of Ziggy’s Glebe heading to cold Morning […]

growing my leaves

It’s been a difficult week again. A few things that will I know only seem significant to me. At the beginning of the week I had lots of writing ideas. Now I don’t. But I cane say the Willows leaves are growing again. By Friday I had “crashed”out and was shattered so after coffee with a friend who had a dream about me, I went home determined to finish some work so long overdue. Only to discover that my other server was down and will be back today. I wasn’t feeling well enough to go out. So I googled. Within minutes I found myself watching of all things youtube videos […]

Update on media behaving badly

As a follow up from yesterday’s post comes this outlining some of the fall out from “Dancing with the Stars”; including comment from Gerrard and his wife, Heather. It includes some advice from Gerrard for the judges: “I know I make a lot of mistakes as a dancer, and I’m happy for Todd and the judges to give me low scores – but offer me and those I’m trying to inspire some hope and guidance as well,” he said. The article also reveals: Gosens approached the three judges, Helen Richey, Mark Wilson and McKenney, after the show. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that discussion. To be […]

media behaving badly

When Sol Trujillo accused Australians of being racist; we told him “Adios’ and proceeded to have a debate amongst ourselves nationally about whether we are in fact racist. When The Chaser aired the  skit attempting to humourise the plight of kids with cancer and the charities supporting them; healthy debate (whatever the result) flared up about the use of black humor or humor generally in mainstream media. Both these debates rightfully got media attention. Both of these debates, rightfully got attention and comment from the public and political and social leaders of the country. Both of these incidents, which perhaps started as silly playground-like antics, led to national discussions, of […]

The winner is … talent and, oh, a woman – TV & Radio – Entertainment

The winner is … talent and, oh, a woman – TV & Radio – Entertainment. This article discussing the gender issues within the recent MasterChef Australia series is interesting. Don’t get me wrong here. I mean interesting in a good way. Within the course of the last week of the show, as the women began to dominate in numbers and skill I was waiting for the usual gender related discussion — however minor. In recent series of other reality shows when a woman has won (after a man has won previous series), a mention of the gender of the winner has often been inevitable, however subtle and noble the intent. […]

true confessions

Ok. Are you ready? At the risk of making a fool of myself ….. I am hooked on The Biggest Loser. I know what those of you that have known me in real life will think. I am after all the girl that didn’t own a television for 5 years. I used to gloat about it too. What’s worse is I can’t really even say that I actually *get* that much out of it. Many times more frustration than enjoyment even. Possibly Related Posts: Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12 A big moment yesterday Newtown station works 6WS: election day Happy mother’s Day