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steps to a community

Faith is belief in things we can not see. Indeed. It is also I think a belief in things we have seen, remotely in other places or historically in my own life but can’t find currently. This includes closer inspection of overseas models of disability. I wonder if people living with a disability here in Australia and perhaps elsewhere have had a mixed blessing in our “early adoption” of the social model of disability stuff. I wonder if, by watching our friends and colleagues in other countries and “getting” their learnings relatively easily, we have in fact had something of a double edged sword handed to us I am only […]

five 2.0

Ok so a few days ago I promised that I’d give you my top five things I want to be different for people with disability in 5 years time. There are of course more than 5, but here’s my five. I want the assumption that I (or anyone) needs a carer with them to stop. I may or may not have a carer, but it is amazing how may people especially from non-disability focused organisations (like airlines, it seems) assume that I must. If I don’t have a carer with me at the point where you see me, and you don’t know me, then lets assume for argument’s sake that […]


passage of time

Five years. People talk about five years like it’s a long time. It is, and it isn’t. Five years ago today I started work back in Australia after what can loosely be described as ‚Äútime away”. I re-entered the disability sector. I re-entered the Church (which in my case eventually included becoming a Catholic). Five years ago, I was single, and hurting. I can remember waking up at stupid o’clock on the morning of 8 May. I have known for some three weeks then I would be starting in this job. I had in fact already been to a quarterly meeting the Thursday prior with one of my colleagues who […]

Because every Australian does count

With apologies to my international readers this is about a very important political movement happening here in Australia to help people with disabilities cover the living costs of having a disability in an enabling way I would really appreciate it if you are happy to refer this post to any Australian that you know. Thanks. Joanna   Part of the reason that I was in Melbourne this week was to attend the National Disability and Carers Congress.   It was an interesting exercise in people watching, as well is a great deal more. Most of the people attending were service providers who, it has to be said were unsure what […]

Cross-post: Gittins and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Productivity Commission recently released its draft report on Disability Care and Support. I haven’t read it yet. It’s on the list, along with half a dozen other books, several readings for university and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s bad anyway, it is on the list. The Australian journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald Ross Gittins has quite rightly beaten me to it. And he likes it. This is encouraging especially given that he speaks from an economic viewpoint. The business case for more individualised funding and says some sort of no fault payment to enable participation in the case that I have been arguing needed to be […]