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a night of chill

After watching the Federal government election debate online tonight (don’t get me started about how underwhelmed I feel at this point about this election despite my usual interest) I waited.

I was supposed to go to Melbourne again this last weekend, but once again couldn’t so spent most of the weekend, doing “workish” stuff and waiting. Trying to just chill a bit. Not entirely successful (as my Saturday 6 word entry indicates) I felt strange awkward and strangely alone. I wasn’t altogether traumatised by the feeling. Just trying to work out where I fit these days and how I feel about that. As well as what I actually enjoy and what I don’t.

Oh dear it sounds so morbid if you say it like that. It was a pleasant difficult but oh-so-honest ride. I’m glad I’m here now.
I listened to various musics; all good but none just right.

Then the gifts arrived from Melbourne, from the intensely practical thermal shirt, to another hat, to the incredible intense music of the band I was to travel to the launch of their album. Daquqi is helping me be.

I am lifted by their equation. I thanked her. I thank her again.

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The Michael Jackson thing

Despite the fact that I am of the right generation, Michael Jackson’s music never really grabbed me. I knew and liked one or two of the more popular songs, though, at the risk of sounding like an old woman as a teenager most of his music was too fast for me. Although, once reviewed, his music, generally had very nice and meaningful lyrics.

As a result, most of my exposure to him throughout my life has been through the media and regarding his huge fan base, his somewhat strange behaviour when walking around, reports about Neverland, and of course the various controversies involving children including his own.

I wouldn’t say that I was tied to the television when his passing was announced but I have been interested, not so much in the controversy surrounding his death, but more in observing the reaction to his passing and the various critiques of his life and work. The public display of affection has been fascinating, both in  very tangible ways and online;  the intermediate, and the slow burning.

This video   sums up quite nicely quite a few of my views on this whole phenomena. With thanks  to Rebecca’s pocket.

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