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what a gaffe: Open letter to the cabinet


This happened on my mothers local radio station.   He’s a happy little vegemite, that’s at least a good sign for a foreign minister sprooking a “once Australian” production.   Not that anyone will ask my opinion on the matter but for what it’s worth I think that the only “reasonable solution” (the time has passed for a “good” solution) is to have a challenge. Do it openly, loudly even. Plan it, book it in. Just have it. Have anyone whose name has been mooted by the media make a “real” statement as to status. Then you have two options, just two I figure. 1. Kevin wins,well  so that the […]

Oh julia

I want to believe that our first female PM can be reelected but I don’t know. We Aussies are good( the politicians at least) at putting women in the top jobs when there is a likely loss looming. Sacrificial lamb mentality. Possibly Related Posts: Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known True to our word. 6WS: election day As the dust settles Quote: may I be

Are we at the starting blocks?

Get ready its going to be a bumpy ride and a long run. In the wake of what seemed a somewhat elongated UK election (who is David Cameron anyway?), I got to thinking about our own political landscape here in Australia. For those of us in New South Wales at least, we can look forward to two general, compulsory elections between say July this year and March next year. The state one next year is a fixed date election, so we can see it coming and boy can we see it coming. Those with an eye for politics are expecting our PM to call the Federal election before the end […]

Say it in seconds

Brevity may be the order of the day for our PM, but ultimately what they say is more important. Possibly Related Posts: Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known Background music Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking.

We are shrinking and maybe not just the economy

It seems official. Australia has just experienced its first quarter of negative growth in 8 years with a drop of half a percent in the GDP.  We are spending less after the aparent boom of the past 17 years. As Peter Hatcher as pointed out this must be exceedingly frustruteding for the Government. For Rudd Labor, taking power just as a 17-year boom turns to bust is profoundly frustrating The timing is bad. Just as I suspect the Obama administration inherited problems originating from a careless Bush era, I fear much the same was always bound to happen to this Government. Recessions do not develop overnight and while they have […]

Australia 2020

Ok, so I am a bit late commenting on this I know but last weekend the Rudd government hosted the Australia 2020 summit. An exercise in listening to a handpicked collection of 1000 Australians for new ideas or re-hashed old ideas. In the words of Russell Skelton: For one weekend a national conversation took place about the future of the country without a bunch of once-influential marsupials shouting down discussion of significant policy issues. Ideas include major “root and branch” reform of the tax system, a republic, a review and reform of the federation as well as a disability Insurance scheme for those who acquire a disability through their life, […]