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Tiny and tech Tuesday: iOS 6

I finally saw the video of WWDC. Finally got my head around what’s coming in iOS 6 “this Spring”. My favourite feature of the ones they covered: Do Not Disturb. The ability to keep your connection active for iCloud without getting calls or text messages. The one I think is missing so far? Caller announcements, especially for use with Bluetooth and Siri. Almost enough to tempt me to Android. (Relax folks I said almost) Possibly Related Posts: Update Cross post: Where I am at ****warning: really ick**** Back For those that know me offline Just quietly

I’ve wondered this myself

iPhones and other smart devices – do they make us stupid?. WE COULD blithely drive into a lake if instructed by a GPS device. We leap from one website link to another, scanning instead of reading. We can barely add a few numbers without a calculator. Possibly Related Posts: Tiny and tech Tuesday: iOS 6 6WS: Google plus Accessibility Apps — iPad Confession — iTunes Tuesday tiny: Rev Computer

Apple sued for turning iPhone 3G into ‘virtually useless iBrick’

Update: I now have an iPhone 4 I can understand why this woman is suing. After having great longevity from most Apple products and seeing that as one of the great selling points, I have been disappointed relativity speaking with the decreasing reliability and speed of my iPhone 3. I suspect it is explainable at least in part by the connection with a single telephone company exclusively initially and theirĀ  contracts and the desire on their part to want people to “feel a need” to upgrade their phone and therefore their contracts, within two years. I think without the initial relationship with AT & T, the phones might have been […]

tweet tweet

i used twitter yesterday much like I think it was intended, or at least a very handy way of using it to broadcast a problem PB was having with Vodafone (the Australian phone company) and his iPhone. It wasn’t solved through the tweeting but the up to the minute information was shared and further broadcasted. It is strange but I feel a strange coming of age feeling -using the web for up to the minute goodness in Australia. Possibly Related Posts: Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Background music Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. Not a bad welcome home

The hard rock bottom of my drive

I am writing this post on the iPhone app for WordPress. It is 1 am on Monday morning and I have had a bad tech week! I am sitting here watching a fairly clever graphical representation of my hard drive bring scanned and (hopefully repaired) by Disk Genius 2. A set of cats hair like they use to locate the target in a gun I gather are seeking out bad blocks. The graphic spins around on a focused area and zooms in every thousand blocks or so to reveal a computer like screen up close and personal with 1 s and 0s scurrying through and after 5 or so seconds […]

Iphone apologetics

I get teased (mercially) about my geekism. This is not fair as the intentions are generally noble ones of simplicity, ecology and organisation. However there is some truth to the ribbing as I was pondering today; Possibly Related Posts: Tiny and tech Tuesday: iOS 6 6WS: Google plus Accessibility Apps — iPad Confession — iTunes Tuesday tiny: Rev Computer