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Apple sued for turning iPhone 3G into ‘virtually useless iBrick’

Update: I now have an iPhone 4

I can understand why this woman is suing. After having great longevity from most Apple products and seeing that as one of the great selling points, I have been disappointed relativity speaking with the decreasing reliability and speed of my iPhone 3.

I suspect it is explainable at least in part by the connection with a single telephone company exclusively initially and their  contracts and the desire on their part to want people to “feel a need” to upgrade their phone and therefore their contracts, within two years. I think without the initial relationship with AT & T, the phones might have been built differently.

Now, the justifications may well be affordability as the prices of the new MacBook Air and the iPad do not seem to have long term ownership in mind.

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IPad a Therapeutic Marvel for Disabled People – NYTimes.com

IPad a Therapeutic Marvel for Disabled People – NYTimes.com.

Good for all levels of disability. I love the mother’s comments:

“We have spent all this time keeping him alive, and now we owe him more than that,

via Daring Fireball

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Such a strange but beautiful thing

It was a strange juxtaposition. Reading Jane Austen on a shiny new iPad over the cold and miserable weekend that marked the last gasps of autumn (Fall for my American friends) here in Sydney.

While one friend waits patiently for his delayed delivery from the Apple compound; directly from the horses mouse, another went to a local department store and shazzam.

Very pretty but I don’t want one. Yet.

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