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just saying (and please excuse the hash tags)

Can I just make a minor point regarding the debate in #australianpolitics at the moment on #gaymarriage . While the debate is vitally important, this alone will not be the silver bullet for the #equity and #inclusion of all #Australians as some seem to be claiming. Possibly Related Posts: Update Cross post: Where I am at ****warning: really ick**** Back For those that know me offline Just quietly

Friday fashion: the first question

Recently, I volunteered to be part of a media or research project on disability and fashion. The co-ordination was done by a Dr Jill Bamforth a social research academic from Melbourne with an eye for fashion and an awareness that there must be challenges finding clothes that work on any number of levels for people with disabilities. She was also aware that there would be an unmet market that wasn’t necessarily being served currently. After at least two brief phone calls that had technically or timing issues in which we established among other things, that; I didn’t like centre-back zips, can’t wear pantyhose, but can do thigh highs but don’t […]

Quote: may I be

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu I am blessed. I have needed heavy doses of strength and courage in my life. I have had those that loved me “just when I needed it most”. The courage I have needed in the last few days might well surprise some folks. In fact I know it has. In ways that has damaged at least two friendships. But the courage I needed was not physical. It was of integrity. I needed to own my truth and recognize that for me at least loyalty to a broader cause was not my highest calling. […]

More than tolerence

Stella’s editorial on Ramp Up is spot on. We tolerate being just tolerated. We talk about respect, we might ask for it. We don’t expect equality . Therefore logically we don’t get it as often as we tell ourselves privately we should. We tolerate really bad weather. We tolerate that annoying person who sits next to us in an exam clicking their pen incessantly. We tolerate a cold, a sore throat, that strange outbreak of warts on our left foot. When asking people to be tolerant of disability in our society, are we asking them to put up with us, to endure our existence? Our unwillingness to expect more than […]

Changes at the Commission and a point on making arguments

Having separate Commissioners for each portfolio, at the Australian Human Rights Commission seems much more logical. It also looks like the Commission is getting some fresh resources and that is always good. The issues and debates covered by each arm of the Commission and the groups they talk to, with and advocate for are similar but diverse and need a full time specialist with the time and resources to move the agenda forward. In my mind though it doesn’t follow that the advocate must always be one of that community. I’m not surprised that Commissioner Innes is taking on the full time role for disability. I like him a lot […]

the Social model of disability — a basic discription

I was going through my feed reader (as you do when sleep is hard)and came across  a Google beta service called Knol a searchable tool where you post essay bits on topics you have some knowledge in and can have folks collaborate  on it or not. I searched for the social model of disability and finding nothing in the least bit useful, whipped up the following. I have left a lot out, and a lot of undefined terms, but its a start, and because its my writing to date at least I thought I’d embed it here too. By the way, Liz Crow is here, though on a cursorary glance […]

oh what a beautiful Sunday — Inclusion 101

It was indeed a beautiful Sunday. After staying up late watching any movie made in a parent trap theme, Parent Trap I, Parent Trap II, and the 1980s remake of the Parent Trap (don’t you just love what you can get on YouTube?) I slept really late, which was lovely and incredibly needed. I finally feel like I’m getting over the exhausted feeling I’ve had for about a month. I woke up feeling a little medication hangover still lingering, but decided with a little help from my friends then it was too nice a day to stay home for long. I  responded to an invitation to go to a blogger […]

A lesson from Survivor

I’ve been watching survivor episodes on YouTube while I haven’t been particularly well. I find the show and other reality television fascinating. Originally, I thought that was because I am a self-confessed “connoisseur of human folly”. I’m now not so sure that is the reason. I like watching the dynamics between individuals; but what I think I prefer is watching people work within the rules of the shows. It seems to me that the tension between the contestants is only really tension because of the boundaries that they need to work around set by the rules. For example, if the rules didn’t state that every three days the tribe that […]

And in the blue corner

I’m honoured to have my first guest post, from PB who is a fellow traveller viewing the world from waist high. This post on the changing nature of disability politics and the language that travels with it. He is much braver than I in what he says.. Enjoy! J Excuse me but what is the ‘disability fight’? Twice this week from widely disparate sources I have heard this term and am puzzled as to its inspiration and meaning. Who is it against and when will we know who has won? What is at stake and what are we fighting over? Is it a fight towards acceptance, recognition, equity and justice? […]

A vision or not

I did some googling and searching on YouTube for videos from Australia by people with disabilities. I came up sadly very short. Nothing really from a sense of community of disability here in Australia. I don’t think we have made the leap between sector and community; between political and social.  Both are necessary, but I fear that we are too busy fighting with both the politicians and sadly ourselves to share just thoughts. So here are my “just thoughts”  on a recent trip to Melbourne, on seeing 18 people with apparent impairments, on inclusive process (ok I got a bit political) and on “drop jaw”. The lighting is bad and […]