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human rights

More than tolerence

Stella’s editorial on Ramp Up is spot on. We tolerate being just tolerated. We talk about respect, we might ask for it. We don’t expect equality . Therefore logically we don’t get it as often as we tell ourselves privately we should. We tolerate really bad weather. We tolerate that annoying person who sits next to us in an exam clicking their pen incessantly. We tolerate a cold, a sore throat, that strange outbreak of warts on our left foot. When asking people to be tolerant of disability in our society, are we asking them to put up with us, to endure our existence? Our unwillingness to expect more than […]

Therese made me cry

Despite the mood then I admitted to doing my earlier post, the Human Rights Lunch and Awards ceremony was not only a highlight for the Human Rights Commission’s year but mine as well. It was an interesting mix of people from all community and social spheres in Australia, ranging from what I could see, the full gamut from refugee soccer players who had been the subject of a winning documentary to politicians and journalists. The situation that indigenous Australians have found themselves in this year, especially since the Northern Territory intervention imposed by the federal government was present and was a recurring theme. Refugee issues were also prominent in award […]

equal anti-discrimination human rights please Senator?

Gay rights to marriage is the topic de jour nationally at the moment and we are debating it for good or ill. That’s ok, great in fact. A New South Wales Senator Doug Cameron from Australia’s house of review made an an interesting couple of comments in an interview in favour of what “we” are calling “equal marriage rights legislation”. I was listening tonight via podcast. He talked of discrimination against people on the basis of sexual “preference” as legalised apartheid. I’m just saying that I think the lack of choice offered to other groups, other minorities in the country might also be seen as the same thing, but if […]