handbag free to a good home

Okay. I was watching a television programme today about de-cluttering. It was Oprah and the subject was “what can you live without?” It focused on technology. Could two families, fairly typical ones live without their technology and their 60 hour weeks for a whole week and commit to do family activities for the week without distraction?

They showed a woman who had collected so many clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia and the compensation of the losing her husband in an accident over 10 years ago. She had de-cluttered and had boxes and boxes of clothes and shoes and whatever else removed from her house.

I have been talking about reinventing myself and simplifying my life for a long time now, and like many others have made several attempts with varying results. However, something in that program today spurred me on to look around and realise that I had way too much stuff. It prompted an energy shift in me. That energy shift resulted in my drafting the following e-mail: Continue reading handbag free to a good home

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