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a night of chill

After watching the Federal government election debate online tonight (don’t get me started about how underwhelmed I feel at this point about this election despite my usual interest) I waited.

I was supposed to go to Melbourne again this last weekend, but once again couldn’t so spent most of the weekend, doing “workish” stuff and waiting. Trying to just chill a bit. Not entirely successful (as my Saturday 6 word entry indicates) I felt strange awkward and strangely alone. I wasn’t altogether traumatised by the feeling. Just trying to work out where I fit these days and how I feel about that. As well as what I actually enjoy and what I don’t.

Oh dear it sounds so morbid if you say it like that. It was a pleasant difficult but oh-so-honest ride. I’m glad I’m here now.
I listened to various musics; all good but none just right.

Then the gifts arrived from Melbourne, from the intensely practical thermal shirt, to another hat, to the incredible intense music of the band I was to travel to the launch of their album. Daquqi is helping me be.

I am lifted by their equation. I thanked her. I thank her again.

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A box in the mail

Yesterday was fun.

I had a visit from a university friend and her daughters (3 and 9 months). They are gorgeous. It’s strange and pleasing to be able to talk of knowing folks for over 10 (or 20) years. I feel all old but in a good way. AS and her hubby fall into the over 10 year category.

So I was due to meet them at a local shopping centre for coffee before going on to other things. Unfortunately my health and my wheelchair were once more acting up so despite the mess I decided to invite them over.

With baby sleeping time, my guests arrived at about 11 30. Given my recent health issues my friend had offered to bring freezer meals over. I like cooking but lately I’ve just not been up to it physically. So it’s wonderful. I now have a freezer full of pumpkin soup and stir-fry.

AS in typical style also brought over an invented macadamia caramel coconut slice. Divine. With left overs for PB.

Speaking of PB he arrived home slightly early and he dropped a cardboard box parcel in my laps.

Ordering stuff from Amazon for me is rare, but fun. I don’t know why it’s rare, but its fun because I tend to forget I’ve ordered stuff by the time it arrives so its like Christmas. The postage is a bit expensive too, I order books and non critical things. So three books, all on writing arrived, two of which look great. Naming the World and A Year to a Writers life.

Christmas in late February!!

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