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Friday fashion 2: the second question

I know I’ve been a bit slack here. Lots going on and not. Sorry. J   What it is about achieving a professional effect which causes problems for you (such as the stockings/tights issue we talked about)? Clothes that are easy to get on and manage eg pull up from a sitting position, tops that allow enough shoulder movement to operate the electric wheelchair are often not the right size for my body. So in the right size clothes I risk looking less dressed after going to the bathroom at lunch than I did before.The clothes that work best practically are bigger which means they don’t sit as well. If […]

Friday fashion: the first question

Recently, I volunteered to be part of a media or research project on disability and fashion. The co-ordination was done by a Dr Jill Bamforth a social research academic from Melbourne with an eye for fashion and an awareness that there must be challenges finding clothes that work on any number of levels for people with disabilities. She was also aware that there would be an unmet market that wasn’t necessarily being served currently. After at least two brief phone calls that had technically or timing issues in which we established among other things, that; I didn’t like centre-back zips, can’t wear pantyhose, but can do thigh highs but don’t […]

Late to this too

I’m not known as a trend setter. I tried as a younger woman and as a teen and gave up pretty quickly and became a “classic” dresser which, when I was younger, looked a little “old” perhaps, but now I think it works (I hope). All this by way of introduction that just as the cold season that I have dreaded abates and we are all wandering around in spring wear I manage to, having bravely avoided it all season, come down with a head cold as well as my persistent cough. I think I’m on the mend though. I just found it amusing that the curse continues and crosses […]

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Inspired by Steph here is my membership –for ideas mostly Roughly once a week I’ll put one of memberships online up in case you are interested in other things I do online Possibly Related Posts: Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. A card carrying bone fide The email I wrote for international day last year it was a time