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The solution to writers block; talking.


As I write this I’m listening to problogger interviewing Seth Godin on productivity and blogging. Is an interesting interview.


The concept that is speaking out for me is talking as a solution to the writer’s block. He mentioned that the solution to his writers block is to write like you talk. Learn to talk in full sentences (with something to say!) And then write that way.


As one who wishes she wrote more, thought deeper and broader etc etc this might be useful advice. Particularly in my case because I use voice recognition software, which works better if you can think at least in phrases–or at least not turn the microphone on until you know vaguely what you’re going to say. I get complimented on my writing when I talk it rather than typing it.


It may not have been how I was taught to write, sentence structure parts of speech and such. But it does work.

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new technology part two–umm and ahh continued

In light of this post from FWD– feminists with disabilities, I thought it would be good to update everybody on my continuing experience with Dragon Dictate for Mac, which I have been using sporadically since my birthday.

By and large it’s great. I certainly use it for most of my blog posts, which is why they can be quite a bit longer. I also use the software for e-mail although that is still a bit harder than I’d like it to be, mostly user error I’m sure.

My biggest issue is knowing the terminology that it expects. It’s certainly a lot less random in its “actions” then earlier versions were and I think it’s still learning how I speak. But, when I’m on a roll it’s good. It is still very tempting to use my hands to move the cursor which I know is bad. When I do that the program starts to act out and add random letters to the end of my dictation. Also, my voice is fairly inconsistent and I need to be self-aware enough to know when it’s a good dictation day and when it isn’t.

It’s a long slow curve but it is worth the investment already.

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Dragon for Mac – Get the most out of MacSpeech Dictate with Instructional Videos

Dragon for Mac – Get the most out of MacSpeech Dictate with Instructional Videos.

I’m putting these here more because they will be useful to me than of interest to anyone else. But you never know!

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