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A cautionary tale aka: of Picolo, cake and dodos

First off, this is a rant and a very long and personal rant. I’m sorry to my new readers. But it might mean I start posting more regularly . That said I am a woman with a personal history of faith in God dating back to my early teens and a background in the Christian Church from birth. I went through a brief but intense period where I was a bit more literal than I am now in my interpretation of the Bible and its teachings. I have had various periods of doubt and wilderness walking, more around the Church than God, though,  as the common denominator between the Church […]

Friday fashion: the first question

Recently, I volunteered to be part of a media or research project on disability and fashion. The co-ordination was done by a Dr Jill Bamforth a social research academic from Melbourne with an eye for fashion and an awareness that there must be challenges finding clothes that work on any number of levels for people with disabilities. She was also aware that there would be an unmet market that wasn’t necessarily being served currently. After at least two brief phone calls that had technically or timing issues in which we established among other things, that; I didn’t like centre-back zips, can’t wear pantyhose, but can do thigh highs but don’t […]

A card carrying bone fide

Yippee I think! I’m officially still a disabled person again as far as an airline is concerned. The wheelchair or the fact that they have loaded it or me before is apparently not enough evidence. I need to have the right “card” telling them and me that yes I am in fact disabled. All the proof I need that I was neither imagining nor dreaming this life long pain arrived in the pobox today!! next time I express any pride on having been a bureaucrat bop me one. Possibly Related Posts: Stella, oh Stella stewed ant Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d […]

Doing the limbo

2 stick figures doing exercises

It has being very much a limbo time for me. December was a hard month. January is looking brighter; but I am waiting for some dots to connect. I’m waiting for a space with a new specialist. Looks like I’ll be waiting till May, which kind of means that I can’t really start the rebuilding project that I committed to before Christmas. A home care service has started; personal care and house work. It’s interesting having my time managed by somebody else to the extent that it has happened. I think they have the impression that because I don’t work I don’t really have a life. I hope these are […]

five 2.0

Ok so a few days ago I promised that I’d give you my top five things I want to be different for people with disability in 5 years time. There are of course more than 5, but here’s my five. I want the assumption that I (or anyone) needs a carer with them to stop. I may or may not have a carer, but it is amazing how may people especially from non-disability focused organisations (like airlines, it seems) assume that I must. If I don’t have a carer with me at the point where you see me, and you don’t know me, then lets assume for argument’s sake that […]

As the dust settles

Yesterday NSW had an election. It was a landslide. that many others will no doubt talk of for many days to come. Picking up on a post from Mary over at HAT, yes I think she might be right. From what I saw in the literature, there was a higher number of “baseline” accessible venues. But I never left the house to vote. I iVoted. At home. On my own laptop. More privately than I did more than once at a polling place. Designed for people with vision impairment who use screen readers and various other disabilities – they broadened it out to allow travelling folks to feel included too. […]

the Social model of disability — a basic discription

I was going through my feed reader (as you do when sleep is hard)and came across  a Google beta service called Knol a searchable tool where you post essay bits on topics you have some knowledge in and can have folks collaborate  on it or not. I searched for the social model of disability and finding nothing in the least bit useful, whipped up the following. I have left a lot out, and a lot of undefined terms, but its a start, and because its my writing to date at least I thought I’d embed it here too. By the way, Liz Crow is here, though on a cursorary glance […]

Good ol’ Brits

BBC News – One in ten ‘cannot use London Tube or buses’. The study claimed: Only 10 of London’s 270 Tube stations are completely step-free all the way from street level to train. Just one third of London’s 300 rail stations have step-free access from street to platform. While all London’s buses now have ramps, only half of London’s 17,476 bus stops meet the criteria for full accessibility. Despite this I still found it easier to use transport in London when I was there 7 years ago, then I did until very recently here. Why with all the claims to history and tradition in the UK was I able to […]

The 2010 Don’t DIS My ABILITY Campaign Has Kicked Off!

The 2010 Don’t DIS My ABILITY Campaign Has Kicked Off!. Enjoy! I’ll probably write more about this as the month moves forward. Possibly Related Posts: Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known True to our word. A big moment yesterday Newtown station works 6WS: election day the voice Australia has a vision of loveliness

both disappointing and good

While the announcement itself is good, I’m personally a little bit disappointed that this is the first comment I have heard from Jan Mclucas; our newly minted Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilitiesty and Carers. a couple of things to notice; Despite the wording of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of catalogue on People with Disability and the fact that carers are given a title case and personhood in her ministerial title, those with disabilities are not acknowledged as people. Secondly, as soon as she gives her title she then launches into howp roud she used to support all the carers. I really am glad she’s proud of that, […]