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Christmas revised

I was advised that my post yesterday sounded a wee bit shallow. It wasn’t meant to it. I had a very pleasant lunch good company and just enough of the cheer. But I was conscious to protect the privacy of those I was with most of home wouldn’t be up to speed with blogging aren’t keen on photos and etc. So I gave you dear readers what I felt was mine to give. The day was quiet and not about me or mine so there was less to share. But I wanted to share what I could. I did. Possibly Related Posts: I may as well fess up Not a […]

Merry Christmas

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A season too long.

Having dinner last night with friends in the food court of our major shopping centre referenced here. As the lift doors opened, I was horrified to be greeted by three gold reindeer! But it’s only October. My mother’s birthday is mid-November and I used to object if I saw Christmas decorations before her birthday. I don’t get it. I understand that it’s been a tough year commercially probably. Then how are we supposed to maintain interest in shopping for Christmas for two months. I’m not even really in my summer clothes yet! Perhaps decorations have gone up this early in previous years. I haven’t noticed. But I really crave a […]

Bake sale

This is a photo of this evening’s labour. My first attempt at baking in this kitchen, with this oven since the move but more importantly for me it’s shortbread complete with my grandmother’s pricking technique. It may not have been so evenly spread but for a first batch in several years it smells amazing. Possibly Related Posts: Cross post: Menthol, Sunshine and the possibility of human potential Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates Tuesday tiny: fhe author thinking. Not a bad welcome home