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identity matters

This is a good post about identification as a person with a disability, for a women with a mental health issue. It brings up some interesting thoughts for me about “what actually is disability?” That’s medical vs social model stuff, but its not just that. Its about the labels we as people with impairments use to define and describe ourselves. What boxes we put ourselves in and how easily or not we communicate with those in the other boxes of disability. I find myself now straddling two of those boxes more often these days. So now the whole question is “to tell or not to tell” is a live question […]

values added

Interesting take on “assisted suicide” as a care prevention option. This couple were apparently in good health but precisely because they were in good health now was the time of their choosing; “Mr and Mrs Milner’s daughter Chrissy said her parents had been in good health but did not want to get to a stage where they would be too ill to care for themselves. She said they felt they had to pre-empt any possible serious deterioration in their health.” And this from the letter signed by both Mr and Mrs Milner; “I have made many visits to friends and relatives in care homes. They cannot wash, dress, feed or […]

disability access is like organic fruit

Not that long ago, the origin of the fruit and veggies in our supermarkets was a lot less important to the general populous than it is now. Barring the scandals of oil spills and contamination reports we supermarket shoppers were largely content to believe that the fruit and vegetables that were being presented to us aisle after aisle were the best that the growers and producers could provide us with. We believed quite rightly in most cases that the produce was good for us. There was however a small group of consumers who sought a better way, they were concerned that the pesticides being used on the fruit and vegetables […]


This is really sad. Scary too on a number of levels. Personally and globally. But I’m torn. I think. At one level, I have some small sympathy for the parents. It must be hard to see your child, help her, know her as your own, but otherwise be unable to engage with her at a meaningful level save for smiles and such. There may be an element of the protective there. Certainly a read of the anonymous entry by her parents would suggest as much. But I can’t help being scared. This is a bigger picture issue which I will think more on. Designing a girl’s life so young based […]