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I may as well fess up

I think I have a periodic fear of this blog. I often think on reading the news that such and such would make a good post and then I lose my nerve and decide that it’s too self indulgent and write it but not post. Then I look at other blogs and change my mind back again. Possibly Related Posts: Not a bad welcome home What a difference a few inches makes Tuesday/Wednesday tiny; Maybe not such a dork these days Feeling funk-y What will

The solution to writers block; talking.

  As I write this I’m listening to problogger interviewing Seth Godin on productivity and blogging. Is an interesting interview.   The concept that is speaking out for me is talking as a solution to the writer’s block. He mentioned that the solution to his writers block is to write like you talk. Learn to talk in full sentences (with something to say!) And then write that way.   As one who wishes she wrote more, thought deeper and broader etc etc this might be useful advice. Particularly in my case because I use voice recognition software, which works better if you can think at least in phrases–or at least […]

New wardrobe — now with fixed links

Following the lead of others I like this new look Possibly Related Posts: oh what a beautiful Sunday — Inclusion 101 Still thankful and remembering My online memberships: This video is too important not to post link love: Anger and Prayer


I was looking through my NetNewsWire collection of blogs and came accross this concept on C Beth’s blog. Six word Saturday.  Described more fully here, its basically to describe your life in that moment or a thing in your life in a phrase containing 6 words. During this disciplined blogging exercise I thought I’d try it. My six words Slightly sniffly slow Saturday sans romance. Possibly Related Posts: Cross post: Menthol, Sunshine and the possibility of human potential A new commitment I make unto you stewed ant Raw, mild updates Background music

Blogging with Discipline

I like this idea. I can relate to what Beth talks about. I have tended to be one of these writers; There are times when my mind is filled with more blog posts than there are days in the week, when everything in my life can be easily put into a witty and/or meaningful bit of writing. I remember just before I “seriously” started blogging a friend looked on the domain of my email address at the time (it was puzzling), expecting I think because it wasn’t a telco account that I might have a blog and telling me that it’d be a fascinating read if I did blog. I’m […]

In the Carnival again

Whilst assessing my statistics the other day, I noticed that after nominating myself one month to the Down Under Feminist Carnival I find I have once again been nominated for this.  I’m thrilled. Thanks Mynxii.  Possibly Related Posts: Stella, oh Stella stewed ant Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12

I’m back

with no thanks to iinet I am back in the land of the blogging. Been an interesting few weeks and will right write more of it when my broadband box arrives. Thanks all for your patience Possibly Related Posts: Update Cross post: Where I am at ****warning: really ick**** Back For those that know me offline Just quietly

Amazan’s Black Friday Sale.

Ok so this is a shameless plug. I am an Amazon Associate as demonstrated by the search bar to the right of this page. If you plan to buy products from (and yes they deliver most things to Australia), if you could come here first and start your shopping experience by searching here that would help me cover the costs of keeping the blog. It doesn’t cost you extra. For this week, Amazon are having the Black Friday Sale. Following this link takes you to some great bargains (not just books) and helps me out. Here’s some useful information about the Black Friday sale with deals of up to […]

a big blue line going up

It started with early morning garbage collection this time without swearing or very loud male gossip. From bed with the laptop on the floor I checked my BlogTracker stats. I got a huge pleasant surprise: my stats and hits had gone up quite markably. This as a result of FWD/Forward picking up this post on identity and disability as part of their recommended reading for today (US  time). Wow. This on the back of the recent inclusion of the organic fruit piece as part of the Down Under Feminist Carnival, this time hosted by Jo. Thank you. Feminist or not this these articles represent some wonderful thinkers and dialogue. It […]

100 posts.

In September 2005, while traveling I started this blog. That was a long time ago in both time and headspace. I have had many hiatuses from this medium, hence the four years to get here. I have had a variety of topics, many self serving muses. But I’m still here and I enjoy it. The choice of The View from Down Here as a title was always designed as an autantonym. On the one hand the reference was to the fact that I hail from, and in fact live “down under” in Australia. Certainly then and in many ways now the blogersphere felt very “top heavy”. Discussions of current affairs […]