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As the dust settles

Yesterday NSW had an election. It was a landslide. that many others will no doubt talk of for many days to come. Picking up on a post from Mary over at HAT, yes I think she might be right. From what I saw in the literature, there was a higher number of “baseline” accessible venues. But I never left the house to vote. I iVoted. At home. On my own laptop. More privately than I did more than once at a polling place. Designed for people with vision impairment who use screen readers and various other disabilities – they broadened it out to allow travelling folks to feel included too. […]

I hate to say I told you so

But ….. Have a look Poor Julia We Aussies are good( the politicians at least) at putting women in the top jobs when there is a likely loss looming Possibly Related Posts: Update Cross post: Where I am at ****warning: really ick**** Back For those that know me offline Just quietly

the cost of a vote

I perhaps should have warned folks not to get me started on election equity issues, but a good mate of mine added this to a comment on this post Still distrubing to see so many polling booths inaccessable, though at least in the Marrickville LGA it’s better that it was at he last local government election. Yes well — it might indeed be *better* but really that’s not saying much now is it? I know people from the last Federal election who had to get excused from their democratic right and responsibility to vote (it’s compulsory here in Australia) because they had assumed there would be at least one they […]

A vision or not

I did some googling and searching on YouTube for videos from Australia by people with disabilities. I came up sadly very short. Nothing really from a sense of community of disability here in Australia. I don’t think we have made the leap between sector and community; between political and social.  Both are necessary, but I fear that we are too busy fighting with both the politicians and sadly ourselves to share just thoughts. So here are my “just thoughts”  on a recent trip to Melbourne, on seeing 18 people with apparent impairments, on inclusive process (ok I got a bit political) and on “drop jaw”. The lighting is bad and […]

Are we at the starting blocks?

Get ready its going to be a bumpy ride and a long run. In the wake of what seemed a somewhat elongated UK election (who is David Cameron anyway?), I got to thinking about our own political landscape here in Australia. For those of us in New South Wales at least, we can look forward to two general, compulsory elections between say July this year and March next year. The state one next year is a fixed date election, so we can see it coming and boy can we see it coming. Those with an eye for politics are expecting our PM to call the Federal election before the end […]

We are shrinking and maybe not just the economy

It seems official. Australia has just experienced its first quarter of negative growth in 8 years with a drop of half a percent in the GDP.  We are spending less after the aparent boom of the past 17 years. As Peter Hatcher as pointed out this must be exceedingly frustruteding for the Government. For Rudd Labor, taking power just as a 17-year boom turns to bust is profoundly frustrating The timing is bad. Just as I suspect the Obama administration inherited problems originating from a careless Bush era, I fear much the same was always bound to happen to this Government. Recessions do not develop overnight and while they have […]

Anzac thoughts

I watched a lot of television yesterday: the ANZAC day coverage. Moved and annoyed. My grandfather was an engineer during WWI – on the Western Front. He came back and married my grandmother sometime later. He lived to 91. It might be hard to argue that his life was shortened, but as I sat there watching the ceremonies I was curious about what he would say to me now that I’m an adult. I watched as arthritic men and women braved cold and wet conditions and the wobbles of age to process down George St — showing a different kind of courage. There was pride in the ability to do […]