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anzac day

to say thanks

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My grandfather on Mum’s side was a surviver of service in World War 1, I have had various relatives on Dad’s side serve in World War 2. I look at activites in the middle East and wonder if we will face a third war of that scale. I thank the newer recruits who are fighting not just for our own safety but for the well being of others. Lest we Forget. Lest we get lazy. Here the link to a more articulate post of mine on Anzac Day Possibly Related Posts: Stella, oh Stella stewed ant Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12

Anzac thoughts

I watched a lot of television yesterday: the ANZAC day coverage. Moved and annoyed. My grandfather was an engineer during WWI – on the Western Front. He came back and married my grandmother sometime later. He lived to 91. It might be hard to argue that his life was shortened, but as I sat there watching the ceremonies I was curious about what he would say to me now that I’m an adult. I watched as arthritic men and women braved cold and wet conditions and the wobbles of age to process down George St — showing a different kind of courage. There was pride in the ability to do […]