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I’ve been busy

I have a lot to say, but a combination of tired and still busy means this will be a quickie. But I’ve missed blogging so here I am. It’s been a very disability week after a fun weekend. Starting with: While visiting a friend on the weekend I was asked to be part of a news story on the rather ridiculous closure of a lift to three platforms at the busiest interchange in Sydney for 10 weeks to upgrade the lift. The lift upgrade is great but 10 weeks? C’mon. Anyway, here’s the piece. Apart from being refereed to as wheelchair bound I like it. I got to state the […]

Good ol’ Brits

BBC News – One in ten ‘cannot use London Tube or buses’. The study claimed: Only 10 of London’s 270 Tube stations are completely step-free all the way from street level to train. Just one third of London’s 300 rail stations have step-free access from street to platform. While all London’s buses now have ramps, only half of London’s 17,476 bus stops meet the criteria for full accessibility. Despite this I still found it easier to use transport in London when I was there 7 years ago, then I did until very recently here. Why with all the claims to history and tradition in the UK was I able to […]

as the train flies

The ironic thing is that according to this and the accessible bus timetable for the inner west of Sydney on a Saturday I could probably get to lunch in Melbourne some 963 km away faster than I can travel from outside a depot next door up the road to lunch 4kms away. To the extent that I had to once again schedule my day around the bus timetable, given that I want to look after the planet too. Possibly Related Posts: Stella, oh Stella stewed ant Raw, mild updates Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12