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6WS: election day

So it’s been awhile since I played this but, here we go Sunny Sydney Election Day, Clover Back Possibly Related Posts: Tuesday tidbit: wish I’d known 1/12 True to our word. A big moment yesterday Newtown station works to say thanks

6WS: Google plus

Found myself on Google plus now Possibly Related Posts: Tiny and tech Tuesday: iOS 6 Accessibility Apps — iPad Confession — iTunes Tuesday tiny: Rev Computer Another Monday Micro: New iPhone, iPad app for tracking sins

Six Word Saturday — wedding bells

JA and C — married and beautiful Possibly Related Posts: I may as well fess up Not a bad welcome home What a difference a few inches makes Tuesday/Wednesday tiny; Maybe not such a dork these days Feeling funk-y

6WS after a gap

Described more fully here, its basically to describe your life in that moment or a thing in your life in a phrase containing 6 words. During this disciplined blogging exercise I thought I’d try it. Quite sorely, listening to audio Austen Possibly Related Posts: Cross post: Menthol, Sunshine and the possibility of human potential A new commitment I make unto you stewed ant Maybe not just faiths but denominations too? Raw, mild updates