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Labels or Love — link love on labels

I’ve been having a lot of things float across my radar that have got me thinking about labeling around the issue of disability. Lets start with some links while I try and synthesise my brain a bit.

  • Cerebral palsy change for the Spastic Centre – Health – News – Northern District Times. As a former client of the service in my childhood can I just say. Yay! I’m pretty sure this was being mooted 25 years ago. As a child I hated having to say spastic in relation to myself because even though it was the correct technical term; describing a person who spasms,it was; and is derogatory. I just hope that they don’t spend the next 66 years having to handle the re-branding like others have had to so for so long.
  • This post over at Deeply Problematic, looks at the definitions we give ourselves particularly around disability. Word order defines focus and priorities and, as such the messages we want to give others. Am I a
    • disabled woman;
    • woman with a disability,
    • differently abled woman
    • normal woman who just sits a lot

I remember thinking of myself as the last of these growing up and into my twenties. I found when strangers and children asked it was the the one that defused the tension, reduced fear.

While my impairment was visible (the main one anyone), the effects were not all as apparent as the wheelchair. Therefore I too have the choice as to my label. It’s got me thinking. More on this as it comes to hand (or head in this case). In the meant-time I have said  some of this stuff before.

  • Another post on the lessons on visible/invisible temporary/permanent disability and the fct that we all need to be asked “How are you?” My favourite line, because I can so relate:

For the fifth time that night, I had to explain myself, and I was getting a little tired of my on-going narrative.  I gave her the 60-second version of my story.

I just hope I can remember to ask the question and wait for the answer.

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Travels to the 70’s

I’ve had a quiet few days since getting back from Orange. I found the whole coach thing great as my previous post explained. It was great to have an opportunity to look out the window at the world going past. The fuss level of the coach company was nice and low — although it was clear they were a bit rusty about the wheelchair. It was nice to feel it wasn’t my fault.

The connecting train while still a bit bone rattling was better because the vestibule where I was parked was wide enough that I didn’t have to move everytime we pulled into a station, so I got a whole section of Stephanie Dowrick’s Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another, which is actually lovely and already hot off the presses in Australia. I’ve finished the section on “reverence” and can feel the everyday experience, of observation and stillness changing because of it.

From the very profound to the not so, I had 5 hrs of board meetings on Tuesday followed by my second Christmas party of the season (another early night — although there is a photo of me no doubt dancing the twist!) Most of the rest of the week has been spent hiberating watching of all things The Brady Bunch on YouTube.

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A bit of Friday fun

I don’t know if either of these will become regular features of my blog; but a bit of free association as described here

The words for this week:

  1. Rock n Roll :: old time
  2. Be with you :: Peace
  3. Richard :: Clapton
  4. Hair :: loss
  5. Police ::presence
  6. Experience ::counts
  7. Father figure ::God
  8. Nice ::day
  9. Switch :: light
  10. Appearance :: deceiving

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I was looking through my NetNewsWire collection of blogs and came accross this concept on C Beth’s blog. Six word Saturday.  Described more fully here, its basically to describe your life in that moment or a thing in your life in a phrase containing 6 words. During this disciplined blogging exercise I thought I’d try it.

My six words

Slightly sniffly slow Saturday sans romance.

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Blogging with Discipline

I like this idea.

I can relate to what Beth talks about. I have tended to be one of these writers;

There are times when my mind is filled with more blog posts than there are days in the week, when everything in my life can be easily put into a witty and/or meaningful bit of writing.

I remember just before I “seriously” started blogging a friend looked on the domain of my email address at the time (it was puzzling), expecting I think because it wasn’t a telco account that I might have a blog and telling me that it’d be a fascinating read if I did blog. I’m glad she did. I wonder though if like most bloggers, I feel a pressure to be fascinating every time. Indeed the catch cry that “content is king” is championed on many a blog.  I have often waited till I had the post in my 3rd draft stage with a beginning, a middle, and an end before I have started typing or I have just ranted.

I recently applied for membership of BlogCatalog; a blog directory similar to Technorati. It was hard for me to find which category of theirs I would “fit in”. (Oh where have I heard that before?) I was rejected. I’m fine with it. I think they look at the blog on a few days in a row and it might have been during my last “bloggers block”. The email read in part:

Your blog is brand new and/or doesn’t have enough content to make it truly valuable.
If this is the case, please resubmit after you have made more postings.

Ouch… But getting more disciplined is something that I want to develop anyway.

I’ve always used my work and confidentiality as an excuse. That’s true, but it needn’t be an excuse.


Blogging with discipline doesn’t mean you have to blog every day or that you can’t ever take a break. It means blogging regularly–whatever that means for you. It means sitting down and trying to develop a blog post idea instead of waiting until a perfectly-written post is already floating around in your brain.
Given that what about this for a trial? I’ll write 5 blog posts a week and commit to putting at least three up per week till the 15th March. Some may be very brief, other dull. But we’ll try it and reassess.
Lets talk.

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a big blue line going up

It started with early morning garbage collection this time without swearing or very loud male gossip. From bed with the laptop on the floor I checked my BlogTracker stats. I got a huge pleasant surprise: my stats and hits had gone up quite markably. This as a result of FWD/Forward picking up this post on identity and disability as part of their recommended reading for today (US  time). Wow.

This on the back of the recent inclusion of the organic fruit piece as part of the Down Under Feminist Carnival, this time hosted by Jo. Thank you. Feminist or not this these articles represent some wonderful thinkers and dialogue. It is nice to think my words may add to discussions.

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intergrated blogging

I have incorporated 3 lonely stranded blog posts from a half started typepad blog here. These are from a long time ago Dec 06-Jan 07 but I thought they were worth bringing into the fold. Apart from a comment I added to one entry regarding a missing immaterial photo I made no edits (though I could see one needed. I think it is interesting to see my thinking then. I have backdated accordingly.

Anyway they are here, here and here.

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