A card carrying bone fide

Yippee I think! I’m officially still a disabled person again as far as an airline is concerned. The wheelchair or the fact that they have loaded it or me before is apparently not enough evidence. I need to have the right “card” telling them and me that yes I am in fact disabled. All the proof I need that I was neither imagining nor dreaming this life long pain arrived in the pobox today!! ;) next time I express any pride on having been a bureaucrat bop me one.

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Introductions — nicely done

From an unexpected source in some ways.

Proper introductions aren’t exactly a simple matter:

The younger person is always presented to the older or more distinguished, but a gentleman is always presented to a lady, even though he is an old gentleman of great distinction and the lady a mere slip of a girl […] No lady is ever, except to the President of the United States, a cardinal, or a reigning sovereign, presented to a man.


Do not say: “Mr. Jones, shake hands with Mr. Smith,” or “Mrs. Jones, I want to make you acquainted with Mrs. Smith.” Never say: “make you acquainted with” and do not, in introducing one person to another, call one of them “my friend.” You can say “my aunt,” or “my sister,” or “my cousin” — but to pick out a particular person as “my friend” is not only bad style but, unless you have only one friend, bad manners — as it implies Mrs. Smith is “my friend” and you are a stranger.

One has to be wary of inflection, and things get even more complicated when you have to actually shake hands.

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Still thankful and remembering

My faith, while a small part of this blog is a larger part of my life. I saw this on a Catholic blog, whose podcast is a staple in my diet. Ironically this video is of a song I sang all through my Uniting Church intense youth. It gave me nice memories, and a good reminder.

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slowing the cars down in the City of Sydney

I think this is good. I just hope this also means that pedestrians and cyclist get training in road rules and “shared zones” too especially after this .

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6WS after a gap

Described more fully here, its basically to describe your life in that moment or a thing in your life in a phrase containing 6 words. During this disciplined blogging exercise I thought I’d try it.

Quite sorely, listening to audio Austen

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