Maybe not just faiths but denominations too?

From LivingBuddha,LivingChrist10thAnniversaryEdition” target=”_blank” title=””>Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh

People kill and are killed because they cling too tightly to their own beliefs and ideologies. When we believe that ours is the only faith that contains the truth, violence and suffering will surely be the result

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on economy of various sorts

I’ve been reading and hibernating mostly. Just being quiet and trying to battle technical dramas of one sort or another.

I’m feeling more naturally able to be quiet and a bit smaller. Not in terms of stature but in terms of the footprint stuff. My own footprint and the extent to which I let other people’s footprints on me and never find out about it.. Not entirely of course. But certainly with strangers I’m better than I was. I’m remembering the need for boundaries, if not always remembering to apply them. As I said to someone yesterday I’m now remembering to include myself on my radar of people to care about the preference of. Even if i then don’t choose not to apply my preferences, as i often don’t, (preferring others needs to my own), I usually resent the sacrifice less because it felt more of a choice. Which I’m less likely to “automatically” repeat if the costs to me are too high or the return on investment is too low.

My quest for personal economy is heightened as well. Saying less is a beautiful thing. Not only wise in terms of social matters, but better resource management for me. I am learning to embrace my inner introvert, instead of fight her or merely tolerate her thanks to Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. In summary I understand myself better. I now have a clearer idea about why loud random people and noise not only causes spasm but annoyance and almost a different sort of pain.

I’m still also on the minimalism track from a bit of a different angle this time. Among my reading on my iPad is also Walden. There’s a lot in there, but while I don’t fancy myself ever becoming a subsistence farmer with arguably only one or 2 sets of clothes, I do wonder how much money and more energy I could still save. I also wonder how extreme I would be ready to go.

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Well read?

As I said on Twitter last night,

used to be reasonably well read and love reading but gone a bit soft. need some good book recommendations, ebook audio included. Anyone Pls

I got one reply to that message suggesting the Tale of the Ancient Mariners. Thank you, but I am not really not thrillers or comedies.

The fact is I think I’m started to reflect my hair colour and a trip to a real book shop (second-hand ones aren’t generally easy to navigate) hasn’t been revealing much. Although I’m sure there are gems there, nothing is jumping out save for the American driven self-enrichment stuff and chick lit, of which I have some, but want something to get my teeth into.

It wouldn’t help the situation that I don’t exactly know what I want. I used to read a lot and I’d like to get back there. I had a look at this list of books slated to make one well-read and felt ashamed. Having said that, I also think there are some classics missing, don’t you?

I’m pretty clear that I don’t like crime or horror. I have loved biography and other non fiction. I like classic literature. I want to both stretch and expand yet feel comforted.

I have been reading more, but I feel informed more than enriched. In fact it was a book that started this. I’ve been listening to The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun by Gretchen Rubin on and off for a while. It’s really a great book with useful ideas. But what I’m really impressed with as well as the content is how widely read she is. Sure there would have been a lot of research on happiness and such, but I’m betting she has an impressive general collection.

In the only disability twist to this I kind of miss not being able to drop in on more friends and peruse their bookcases as only one friend has discovered Shelfari!

So come on folks, please give me some recommendations or a virtual peek at your bookshelf. I won’t judge if you don’t. :-)

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More writing ..again

So, yet another piece of writing software becomes part of my choice to buy as part of Dad’s iTunes gift and yet I claim I want to de-clutter my life. But he did say to buy something very me; and rightly or wrongly, this feels very very me and something that is in fact very him too.

But writing does help and so I write. This bit perhaps to de-clutter my head if not my desk. I tried 750 words, but somehow that felt like competitive clutter, online clutter and another login and so I found myself stopping.

So Christmas is over and I’ve used the gift vouchers or am starting to. The iTunes voucher, Books for the Kindle, a dress some time ago, and my perfume by virtue of a gift voucher from my brother. The rest was food-y which was nice, although my stomach wasn’t really up to much this time unfortunately even on the day itself, in a pretty severe way.

So one of the books I choose was The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul. 24 pages in, he is a very funny and self-deprecating author. So the book is fun, but so far I am still sitting here in what I consider to be a mess. I can’t help wondering how much flexibility I should allow for limited mobility etc. Time will tell I guess

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But something I did like

Was Meg Wolfe‘s The Minimalist Woman and the follow up The Minimalist Woman’s Guide to Having it All. Buying the latter especially in light of the whole minimalism philosophy and my own, did indeed feel a little counter intuitive! But both books were each useful.

I seem to be on a gentle quest of self-development. I dare not speak too loudly of it as experience has taught me that if I start striving after self-development, I crash and burn.

So mini steps (micro rolls) are working for me.

  • I’m getting a little better at boundaries. Long long way to go here, but I’m not turning myself inside out to fit other’s schedules or more likely lack of them.
  • I’ve bought yoghurt, nuts and protein drinks and am eating them as snacks. This increase in fibre and protein has had an impact, some of it a little inconvenient.
  • I’m using things up before I toss them.
  • So far I’d decided I’m going to use up my other perfumes before I replace my favourite one.
  • Despite the stack, I’m trying to read a book or two to the end before starting a new one.
  • every time I leave this room I try and toss a piece of rubbish.

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Just writing

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. A good writer. Partly because I love words and the way they can move both writer and reader of all types. But partly if I’m honest ( the new me now) because when well done, it seems it can be portable.

I want to write because I want to hope that I’m half good at it. I want to write because I feel safer behind my words. But in the same breath I don’t think I’m that good at it. Or at best good enough to do the dream.

I don’t remember the small things of my life, my real life. I promise myself I will, but I don’t. I also don’t really remember the details of good enough stuff I read.

I’m listening to Geraldine Brookes giving the first of her four Boyer lectures. It is broadly speaking on the environment and having a sense of place. I usually get turned off by environmental activism as much of it seems to be anti people, anti relationship and anti balance and full of guilt mungering and but you must know generalizations

I like the way she put her acknowledgement of country neatly within the context of her lecture; where it made sense and resonated with the rest of the points she was making. I believe her. I join her in that sentiment wholeheartedly as opposed to watching it sit there like a sixth digit.

I now at the end of that lecture want to go and check that the wheelchair charger that keeps me disabled and handicapped from having any sort of real wilderness experience is off and run the handwashing load that is due as early as possible to make use the natural sunlight to dry things in air.

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Weekend and quasi-book review

The ChildrenThe Children by Charlotte Wood

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Saturday was a nice start to the Labor Day long weekend. A lowish tech day, but I was pleased to discover that it wasn’t hard to be low-tech.

I read “The Children” by Australia author Charlotte Wood. I had read The Submerged Cathedral when it first came out a few years ago, and liked it and although the back cover indicated that “The Children” was going to be a sad read, I picked it up in a local bookshop after lamenting my lack of fiction reading and reading in general.Of paper books at any rate!

The premise of the book is roughly thus:adult children who; let’s just say have their differences, gather from the four corners in the small country town of their upbringing round the bedside ¬†of ageing father who is suddenly in a coma and try to deal with stuff, including, of course family politics and a local stalker!

I read all 300 ish pages in the space of say 6 hours. I certainly didn’t read it non-stop but in two or three longish stints. It was part of my vaguely successful pre-birthday retreat thing. As it has since emerged I need whatever respite I was given.

It was a good read – insightful without being too profound so that I didn’t feel taught but more “included”. I laughed and sighed as if I was part of the family. The dying man was there but as a facilitator and the use of foreground and shadow settings made it all more ok


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Moments with Socrates — making choices

My recent readings having included re-reading Socrates’ Apology (as reported we think by Plato).

A passage has struck me: — apologies for the gendered language


“You are mistaken, my friend, if you think that a man who is worth anything ought to spend his time weighing up the prospects of life and death. He has only one thing to consider in performing any action; that is, whether he is acting rightly or wrongly, like a good man or a bad one” 27B-28C




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I haven’t forgotten

Just had a busy few weeks with university exams and other workish or life-ish management.

And with reading Pride and Prejudice yet again. This time another spin-off. This time a good
series told from Darcy’s point of view by an American author, Pamela Aiden. Reviews to follow.

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