about the view from down here

The view from down here was established in August 2005, initially to give me a platform to “clear my head”, providing a sporadic impression of my travels to the UK and Ireland and give me a platform as a woman who used a wheelchair to express my opinion about the various everyday occurrences and news stories, and how they impacted on my thinking and interacted with my life as a woman who views the world sitting down. There is clearly more to it than just looking at belt buckles!

Having said that while, as in my life, disability is clearly an aspect of my thinking, (and at times a prominent one), my interests are diverse and that is reflected in the contents of the blog. Everything from technology, social change,fashion, books to standard Australian Politics and news is represented here as well as just my musings on life, faith and pretty much everything.

Within my advocacy (which is part of my raison d’être) I am committed to the increased participation in the everyday things in life. So yes, the blog does have a disability, human rights and justice bent to it (please pardon the pun) it is also interested in the stuff of life.

I aim to update two or three times a week at least. However it is often more regular than that with the simple things occasionally occurring to me several times in a single day. I suggest subscribing using the links on the right to make sure you catch everything. Also please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of most posts. I love comments and I look forward to creating a community. You can also e-mail me through the contact form or follow me on twitter @joannanicol.

I enjoy blogging, and I do it for the love of it it. But, opportunities to choose to donate as encouragement are available and welcome through the coffee cup. Clicking on the ads if you have time would also help. But please please please sit back and enjoy yourself first and foremost.