Intentional shopping quarter – the rules

It was my birthday last Tuesday.

Birthdays matter to me. Mine and also other people’s (though I admit that I’m not as good at remembering them as I should be): and IDPwD are my sacred days. Much more so than most of the other Day festivals.

It’s a reflective time for me. I tend to start resolutions and try to start a project. I take myself in hand a bit more on my birthday. This year I had a lot to challenge myself on especially in terms of my character. I’m actively starting to work on some of that now.

Instead of trying for an all year project I’m going to try a 3 month project to actually behave more minimally. Rather than just talk about it and do a rash three-day purge only to go shopping out of boredom or a mix between boredom (3 or 4 things) mixed in with the 1 thing I actually really needed.

So these are my rules (subject to change with reflection)

  • Use things up. I have several instances of unnecessary multiples eg moisturisers, breath mints, USB cables. Multiple things can be useful in some instances like having a cable in your handbag and one at home, but beyond that usefulness I need to pare down. I did try this but found I felt too wasteful. A lot of my duplicates are just knocked around enough by even light use that they aren’t worth ebaying, so I felt like I was wasting money that I don’t have by throwing them away.
  • If something needs replacing, throw the old out and go ahead and replace. If I get weekly use of a critical item and it ceases to be capable of doing the task, I will replace it with a product of the same value. After the project I might reassess for upgrade.
  • If I lose something, I will wait to replace it. Exceptions being life critical items for which I will look for cheaper alternatives during the project.
  • I will renew my web hosting (if you want to help cover the costs, click on an ad every time you visit or if you prefer making a donation via PayPal)
  • For gifts, I will offer experiences with or without me, or a donation to an item they will choose.
  • I won’t buy food for time or respect. I have a bad habit of buying food out to allow me to use a table to write, read or think. Or sadly to convince the general nobody-in-particular that they don’t need to worry overly about my welfare. I will drink coffee when I need coffee.
  • I will recycle or donate purchases I make in this timeframe. Like the two books I ordered today (more on that later), I will read and then donate to the library.
  • I will track my spending, using apps or equipment I already own.
  • I will not pay for any new subscription services till the end of the trial. But I will maintain the services I am currently actually using.
  • When shopping, I may browse in person, but will try to buy online.
  • Use wish lists. When I want to get stuff I don’t need to get in the next three months.
  • I will make lists
  • I will document the journey here.
  • I will try to be intentional in all things.
  • I will enjoy the precious things and people in my life.

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