A semi-dumb phone please?

My phone keeps going off. Notification wise. As its supposed to be its really distracting – some sounds worse than others. The majority of sounds are not urgent, but I am conditioned to react to the sounds on the off-chance.

I really wonder if I need to switch to a dumb phone. But I like the screen real estate of a smart phone. Also, there are some aspects useful to me of being able to be connected in an instant and I don’t necessarily want to be all silent either. I like to be able to reach out to twitter or my banking apps for examplewhen I need information without having them hit me back with irrelevant stuffing they want me to have when it suits them. It’s not in my interest or even in theirs for me to unplug entirely and I don’t really want to. But it is tempting.

Sometimes you need alarms, even to interrupt when you don’t think you want to be interrupted. But not necessarily every time milk needs collecting on HayDay, or so and so posted on twitter especially when one is working – though on the weekend it’d be nice to be reminded sometimes that there is something lighthearted available.

I know you can set granular app by app notifications but I don’t want it to get too fiddly. I want to be able to set it and forget it to be a smart phone for me; available to me, for me when I need it to be.

I also know that it’s in many of the app developers interests to try to distract me, and entice me back, and yes, I admit that that has worked well for them in relation to me. This is especially true of apps that serve ads, but even google and YouTube get pushy sometimes. I also to know that there are apps on the Android (like the old dumb phone app which can’t run because of operating system upgrades).

I get that they are serving a purpose and that works for them or they wouldn’t do it. I just wish my phone was actually designed to work for me and my needs first. Like I say, I want to reach out, not be spoonfed. Trust me to do that and I’m more likely to buy from you. Spoonfed = resentment = uninstall

If they aren’t careful I’ll just switch the whole thing off.

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