I’ve been scared to come back

Some of that fear has a greater basis in “legitimate” concern. Some of the fear is far less practical and that fear is getting worse the longer I went.

First about the practical stuff.  I felt that for safety reasons I needed to take myself offline for over two years. Those fears and their basis probably still exist.

I guess I figure that  one can’t live one’s life in fear and if I do suffer actually real world consequences for being back “out” (as in online) I’ll deal with them then. I have dabbled in YouTube but didn’t really have the courage to continue. I think it also had a bit to do with my second fear.

I lost my voice. I didn’t know if I had anything to say anymore even to myself, much less to anyone else. I didn’t think that in all this time blogging I had much of a following. At one level I get that how popular your blog is doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. But I did hope to be relevant. I get that consistency is the key and that as a result of my neglect any readership  beyond my real life friends I did have I have possibly lost. But I’m willing to try.

Because…… I’ve missed it.

Over the last little while as well as feeling far dumber and more insular than I want to I’ve said to myself a few times “Oh I could write about it on the blog….. umm but I’d have to explain where I’ve been” and then the fear and embarrassment of one more I’m back post sets in and I would just give up.

I paid both the domain and hosing fees in the last week, bills I could ill afford this month with other bills needing paying but I had put it off too long and finally needed to because a friend has email and storage on my server. It had already been archived.

In a strange way that difficulty getting on here was the final push.

I’ll try again then.

I’m still not going back on Facebook. For the moment comments are off, but I’ll respond to twitter or email in my time. Postings will hopefully be more regular, but unlikely to be live. I’ll write or post when the mood takes me and schedule them to go live after the fact. I might try batch writing.

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