what was lost

After 5 days visiting in Orange which had it’s own dramas in transport I caught my final train at about 830pm last night.
I had my carpet bag hooked via the shoulder strap around my head and right arm; my handbag over my shoulder and mostly resting on the armrest; a backpack and personal esky on the hook on the bottom of the chair. Lastly I had the leather jacket over the top of the backrest.

It was all balanced okay, remarkably well in fact, but I really must have looked like a sight!

At some point rolling home at about 9:30, 10 mins from home my jacket which although it is leather was cheap and from Target a few years ago really really works for me fell off. I noticed a couple of minutes later, but figured with the transfers I had done it was long gone and was with any luck keeping a homeless person warm.

I’ve never had much luck finding things I have dropped, but I was convinced to go back and look.

And lo and behold on the road, I found it!



I’ll keep looking for things now.

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