I’ve been reading a lot on the sociology of difference and power as it relates to criminology for my latest efforts in study.


Except for the 10 or so minutes before I submit an assignment I’m quite proud and pleased that I’m doing it. One of the big advantages in further reminded me of concepts that I once knew quite well and given me the language and confidence to use them in relation to my own existence; quite apart from any essay that I’ve had to submit.


Words like;







For purposes of simplification, the lecturers, tutors and such have been encouraging students not to include personal anecdotes. Being a first year subject, their focus is quite rightly an essay structure, referencing, avoiding plagiarism and other entry-level University concerns. I need to remind myself that I’ve done this before, and at this stage at least, basically give them what they are asking for rather than a sociological knock on the head, by a woman who’s been standing with topics through inclusion for 20 years, not to mention living it.


The really wonderful thing though is that I have found a place, I have found language again that can help me articulate to myself, even if nobody else, what it is to be me.


As I’ve got older, my dovetailing in and around disability and its communities has gone through cycles. Right now my sense of hybridism, (or should that be hybrid–ness?) Is strangely more intense. At the moment at least I’m spending a lot of time in my own company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying that. I’m still regularly interacting, just not as much in the two month or so. My main point of company is through the computer, and my main ailments have not been about the fact I sit down, or the politics of accessible built design, but the fact that my browser keeps crashing!.

It’s been a lot more internal. In my own head. It’s been good.


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