On his OWN: Zach Anner

Image credit: NYMag

This guy is really funny, and smart. I know. I watched one or two of the episodes of the Oprah Winfrey “reality show” he was on. He clearly has an interest in a broader range of issues than his own Cerebral Palsy. Although quite open it seems to owning up to it — like me it might be a bit hard to miss.

I know it looks like I’m just jumping late as ever on to this bandwagon. But I was interested in this piece about him. He and I had families with similar approaches to schooling and such it seems.

A native of Buffalo, Mr. Anner said his parents insisted he attend regular schools and be treated just like other children. “My family is weird in a very good way because I was always exposed to the arts,” he said. (His mother teaches acting and playwriting at the University at Buffalo; his father is a bartender and videographer, with a passion for travel.) “Everything was always about finding creative energy and finding different ways to do things.”

I know and understand that he doesn’t want to be famous because he uses his chair, nor does it appear that it will be the focus of the show and that’s great. I know the feeling. I was the girl who declared as a teen that I would never work in disability (so much for that).

Regardless of his wishes, he will I’m afraid have the CP  label added to his unspoken CV. It is part of the appeal. We can’t get past that. What is so good to see though is that he is himself broader than that. So he will take those who see him and know him broader than that too.

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