A few random facts about me


I’ve got a few blog posts “in the wind”, as it were. But I don’t really have the energy to work on them at the moment and I wanted to put something up tonight.

So in the shadows of other great people have done this, here are 25 random things about me at the moment. Please note these are very in the moment and random. Please read them with good humour and curiosity if anything at all.

  1. I tend to kill plants.
  2. I don’t read enough fiction.
  3. I want to be more disciplined.
  4. I miss drinking red wine, but I do feel better not drinking it.
  5. the heater is already on at home, in fact both of them are.
  6. I’m reading Michel Foucault for the third time in my life, and the first time in my life I actually understand him.
  7. I spent most of today crying, as well as a couple of days ago all over friendships.
  8. I wish more people read this blog, but I love the people who do read this blog.
  9. Paradoxically to the above I am quite shy  although I’m not alone in that
  10. I miss having a pet
  11. my favourite colour is green, although most greens I can’t wear
  12. I miss cooking
  13. I am hoping to cook  for a friend who just had a baby soup because despite her protestations I think she needs practical help more than  company type help.
  14. I miss being neat
  15. I should be doing this assignment
  16. my guilty food of late: I’m really enjoying the new sautéed mushrooms burger from McDonald’s
  17. I have 141 blogs in my RSS reader.
  18. I never finished reading Harry Potter books and have no interest in seeing the deathly Hallows
  19. I have a getting things done methodology flowchart on my wall that I hardly ever refer to
  20. if given the chance, with all the places in the world I’d like to go back to Cyprus
  21. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee today, including three instant coffees.
  22. I currently have five different perfumes on the go.
  23. I can’t stop watching at just one episode of sex and the city, or the West Wing, or kitchen nightmares at a time.
  24. After his apology and admission on Q and A last night I think Kevin Rudd will be Prime Minister of Australia again one day.
  25. I feel like I let people down a lot, including myself.

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