On the selling of books

I’ve been following It’s All Too Much
by Peter Walsh an Australian turned American declutter expert. After two read-throughs of the book, I’ve been slowly getting my head around throwing things out. I’m heartily sick of being unable to find things and this has actually been a good remedy, even if I haven’t found any of the exact things on my list. I’ve found 3 DVD’s i loved and was missing as well as two books that I had missed. No sign of the missing key or my winter wardrobe. But still.

It’s been a good practise to get into. Books I fear will be my Achilles heel. Although I have recently gone through my bookcase and have a garbage bag full of books that are not representative of me, or that I can’t bring myself to read again. I fear that I have a long way to go. I have listed 2 today on eBay, with more to come.

With a pile of books that I must get through reading, including two largely untouched library books I must get to, now is not the time to indulge in rereading or in what I call “re-try” reading. I was well behaved putting these books in the eBay pile, but as I looked through them to write up the listing., I had pangs of regret.

“maybe I should reread this one”
“I didn’t give this one a fair shot.”

“Did I get as much use out of this one as I could”

Oh if only I had infinite time time to read.

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