What I’ve learnt so far in 2011

Thanks for sticking with me while I took a week off.

It was a good week. I;

  • did get some reading done, including disability related stuff I will share here at some point,
  • caught up on what was almost an over supply of unplayed podcasts, and unsubscribed from a few
  • was reminded that Sydney can get four seasons in one day, just like Melbourne, and that summer is still trying to pop through
  • saw that there is a very nice and dignified way to close a blog (very sad),
  • learnt that customer service is only as good as your last experience,
  • ate good food with great people,
  • re-discovered that I’m shy, and tire more easily
  • lost some make-up brushes and make-up pencils under a table,
  • found some rest and health, and,
  • committed to being happy as a project

I also worked out that my readers don’t like surveys, but it will stay for a few more days. I have made a couple of changes that might help load times. The coffee cup is gone from the sidebar (but if you want to you can find it under any post), and I’ve turned some widgets into links in the sidebar as well.

So there you go …. I’m back

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