Travels to the 70’s

I’ve had a quiet few days since getting back from Orange. I found the whole coach thing great as my previous post explained. It was great to have an opportunity to look out the window at the world going past. The fuss level of the coach company was nice and low — although it was clear they were a bit rusty about the wheelchair. It was nice to feel it wasn’t my fault.

The connecting train while still a bit bone rattling was better because the vestibule where I was parked was wide enough that I didn’t have to move everytime we pulled into a station, so I got a whole section of Stephanie Dowrick’s Seeking the Sacred: Transforming Our View of Ourselves and One Another, which is actually lovely and already hot off the presses in Australia. I’ve finished the section on “reverence” and can feel the everyday experience, of observation and stillness changing because of it.

From the very profound to the not so, I had 5 hrs of board meetings on Tuesday followed by my second Christmas party of the season (another early night — although there is a photo of me no doubt dancing the twist!) Most of the rest of the week has been spent hiberating watching of all things The Brady Bunch on YouTube.

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