both disappointing and good

While the announcement itself is good, I’m personally a little bit disappointed that this is the first comment I have heard from Jan Mclucas; our newly minted Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilitiesty and Carers.

a couple of things to notice;
Despite the wording of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of catalogue on People with Disability and the fact that carers are given a title case and personhood in her ministerial title, those with disabilities are not acknowledged as people. Secondly, as soon as she gives her title she then launches into howp roud she used to support all the carers. I really am glad she’s proud of that, but you need to be proud of both parts of the full portfolio and be clear on the different needs of both parts. Because although there are indeed similarities in the needs of carers and people with disabilities, there are differences too.

it really does go to show that once the group gets organised to advocate for itself in a cohesive manner politicians do listen.

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