the cost of a vote

I perhaps should have warned folks not to get me started on election equity issues, but a good mate of mine added this to a comment on this post

Still distrubing to see so many polling booths inaccessable, though at least in the Marrickville LGA it’s better that it was at he last local government election.

Yes well — it might indeed be *better* but really that’s not saying much now is it? I know people from the last Federal election who had to get excused from their democratic right and responsibility to vote (it’s compulsory here in Australia) because they had assumed there would be at least one they could get into in their electorate( of say 20 polling centres), so it was too late to pre-poll or postal vote. Different electorate than the one refered to in the comment mind you.

As for me — I have to drive or be driven to cast my vote despite voting in an area where there are booths much closer than the one I will be forced to use.

How does even having to think this hard about how one is going to do what one is democratically entitled and legally required to do (quite apart from deciding who gets your vote), reflective of Australia signing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with a Disability 2 years ago.

Accessible buses are unreliable in this area on Saturday and a cab will cost me $20 from within the electorate to go vote even with my discount. How exactly is that fair? Almost less hassle to not bother voting and pay the fine that ensues. Very good for democracy. Not.

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