identity matters

This is a good post about identification as a person with a disability, for a women with a mental health issue.

It brings up some interesting thoughts for me about “what actually is disability?” That’s medical vs social model stuff, but its not just that. Its about the labels we as people with impairments use to define and describe ourselves. What boxes we put ourselves in and how easily or not we communicate with those in the other boxes of disability.

I find myself now straddling two of those boxes more often these days. So now the whole question is “to tell or not to tell” is a live question where before I did not really understand it; except as I defended theoretically an individuals right to non-disclosure. I could not understand, untill recently how people could choose not to “give details” and yet still want to use the political, social and practical elements that come with the tag. i fought for the right to non-disclosure  because it is an option and I’m all for individual choice. I have many friends with non-aparent and often non disclosed disabilities whose choice I respected. As is often the case though it is not until one is given the choice that one is aware one has a choice….

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