tissues in heaven

I’ve come to the conclusion that lately tissues have become my best companions.

I’m on day 11 (at least) of the lastest cold sweeping Sydney. Like most colds on me, this one has stayed firmly a head cold. Smell is a distant memory. So is taste. For all the nervous jibes about swine flu, which this isn’t, my rough calculations of the numbers based on buses and coughing at work have I think about 20% of Sydney affected. I don’t know if I have had once or twice now but regardless I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

PB has had it for a week now and its the sickest I ever want to see him.

I’ve been going to work most days at least for some of the day. I haven’t really been functioning though; rather letting a lot more through to the keeper ang againd only really able to think of those things that were immediatly “in my face”. This had the inteesting effect of making my job look a lot smaller than it in fact is, something which is an illusion but is none the less a disappointing feeling. It was also my week  “acting up’ as the manager of the ‘team” of which I am a mtember. It’s been very quiet on that front, but I wanted to at least be there.

The dull haze is settling again. If  I’m quiet over the next few days you know why.

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