Iphone apologetics

I get teased (mercially) about my geekism. This is not fair as the intentions are generally noble ones of simplicity, ecology and organisation.

However there is some truth to the ribbing as I was pondering today;

  • I own both a mac-book pro and an iMac (which I have configured as a server).
  • I have converted at least three people I know to Macs (where’s my commission, Steve?) and now act as tech support.
  • I own an iPhone for which I queued and I was issued with an ever-bleeping blackberry from work.
  • I own a blog which goes through cycles of life and death.
  • I tend to download music rather than buy the CD and even books (although I still prefer to buy the books and flip through the pages

So while there is indeed some validity to my “tag” to a geekgirl, I will not budge. I am de-cluttering. I am more organised. Or at least getting there.

One of my favourite iPhone/iPod Touch applications for this very purpose is ixpendit . I was trying to get in the habit of writing down everything I spent to prevent the whole thing of  “losing $20” at the end of the day. This meant that I tried to carry a small but not fiddly notebook and  a pen that worked and remind myself after each flat white or coin to a begger to find a hard surface, get out of the flow of pedestrians and then spend 5 mins writing down the details while trying not to let the coffee go cold. All this with the use of own hand and without spilling my coffee. It meant that I carried a full blown handbag every time I went anywhere else I’d forget.

So I can leave the house now with my purse in my hand, my phone resting against my fingers, my keys hooked on my index finger and a bad memory.

There is a good review here

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